Stick to the post to carry out remediation work

2010 in December 16th, Xining passenger transport line special rectification leading group on the work carried out inspection.

Since the

passenger vehicles special rectification work to carry out the total line, traffic law enforcement officers and police comrades of unity and cooperation, the establishment of law enforcement inspection service station in Xining City, six export, and carry out inspections in the high-speed road entrance. After law enforcement officers, even to the hard work, seized illegal vehicles 4, investigate and deal with illegal business line vehicles 2 times. read more

Double Ninth National Fitness Conference main venue in Qinghai curtain

a few after the autumn rain, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau has been cold, look forward to the autumn of the Nanshan Park, towering trees have begun to drift down the leaves, climbers who have not been affected by the atmosphere of low temperature.

, come on, come on!" Accompanied by bursts of activity of passionate cheering sound, the 2016 National Congress of Qinghai Double Ninth fitness activities of the main venue 9 days in Xining Nanshan park opened, the event attracted nearly a million people participated. read more

Open lingerie store brand choice is critical

is now in the social life, we all know that the underwear store relatively large profit margins, while many entrepreneurs shop, will choose to open a lingerie shop, then underwear shop business, how to choose a brand?

for people who want to start, choose to join the brand, or join headquarters, is a strong guarantee of success to join. How to choose a good brand to join it? Now all kinds of underwear brands engage in dazzling, how to successfully investigate the brand? How to prevent being cheated? read more

Chicken how good quality nutrition situation characteristics

now with the market development is very fast, now the catering market on chicken snack brand is more and more, all kinds of special chicken snack delicacy is constantly in the market. The chicken is a very respected consumer a strength of brand innovation, launched a series of regular monthly chicken products and all kinds of dessert snacks, by consumers and venture investors. Investment to join the chicken situation, special snack, brand innovation, management easier.

How about chicken

situation? The headquarters of the R & D team in-depth consumer market research, understand the current consumer demand, elaborate fashion delicacy using high-quality chicken and exclusive materials. The first good Taiwan chicken is a mature restaurant brand, let investors more flexibility to join, without any geographical restrictions, with greater profit space. read more

Focus on the ecological value of network network won the award of the two financial summit

news July 21st, "Chinese change: in Beijing new challenges and new opportunities as the theme of the fifth session of the Chinese finance summit day before. Depending on its ecological electricity supplier network network by virtue of the unique ecological business model, global brand ecological operation strength, won the fifth session of China finance summit "2016 best business model award". As the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui by its remarkable and profound insights on the quality of life and business users to promote the upgrading of consumption contribution, awarded "2016 (industry) influential figures" award. read more

Easy financing era has passed 2016 China’s technology industry to further reshuffle

can be expected in most of the time in 2016, the days of startups is far more difficult than before, active and passive integration shuffle also more and more.

Chinese growing pains once again shock the world, A shares fuse affect global stock market, the Dow fell 1.58%, shares a aihong. Chinese before this has been favored by venture capital fund market, and over the past year, billions of dollars of venture capital investment can bring huge returns, but from leaking out of the financing agreement, venture capital Chinese expectations of old and new science and technology companies have gone up, the first trading day of 2016 in a pot of cold water indicates that the financing and IPO the market will not be improved. With the change of economic Chinese, China tech start-ups easy financing era has gone for ever, 2016 Chinese technology industry will face reshuffle. read more

Daily topic liar time to postpone the listing of Wo Wo Group’s funk

A5 ( station network April 3rd news, Wo Wo Group has bounced! Scheduled for the NASDAQ listing in Beijing yesterday evening but also postpone. Wu Jianguang, executive vice president of Wo Wo Group in the United States by telephone said to the media, listed on the Nasdaq stock market also need to schedule, there are still some problems need to be solved. The specific time to market can not be determined.

from Wo Wo Group submitted IPO prospectus, the NASDAQ listed on Wo Wo Group news is a push again! The official listing in February 25th? Was given in response to the February 25th listing is forecast of foreign media, listing is not the end. After the updated Prospectus Documents must be completed before March 31, 2015 IPO, after the results are not; there is news that Wo Wo Group will be local time in the United States in April 1st, listed on Nasdaq, maybe this is just an April Fool’s joke; listed on the NASDAQ Wo Wo Group said read more

Give a reason to argue a reason for success

to argue for a reason, a reason for success

A feature of the

network is that it is valuable to attract attention, that is success.

I used to write the thing is too correct, so no one comment, readers read it, there is no dispute.

too good or too bad things are not controversial, is not a topic.

so after writing in the premise of ensuring the correct nature and on the basis of intent to sell a few flaws, to stimulate people’s desire of debate and discussion. Click here to come, with a reply, it will be successful. read more

Microsoft electricity supplier website plan exposure currently terminated


technology news Beijing time on June 21st morning news, according to "the Wall Street Journal online edition reported that Microsoft had to consider the introduction of e-commerce website, competition and industry giant, Amazon and eBay, but has terminated the plan.

sources, Microsoft has worked with retailers and technology companies to negotiate, hoping to attract a number of merchants to the site, and plans to launch a unified shopping cart and a wide range of delivery services. Microsoft is also considering providing price subsidies, funding from the merchant in Microsoft Bing (Bing) network search engine or other services into some of the advertising costs. read more

51 social security to complete the 10 million round of financing B pig eight quit investment

51 Social Security announced that it was completed in May this year, B round of $10 million financing, this round of financing led by the pig eight quit, A round of investment in broadband capital to participate in investment. At the same time, 51 social security and pig eight reached a strategic cooperation, pig eight quit platform will be the development of enterprise social security business, and social security cooperation with the 51 services.

is currently on track players have a lot of social security, two months ago, its network has just announced 100 million yuan B round of financing, social security also announced last month that the bright younger generation in the 30 million A round of financing, said outside the single energy efficiency up to 15000. read more

How to put the small and single living dead

is engaged in sales, and dealing with people, and dealing with people, we must study the laws of human nature, or denial of how to explain? Users had to speak with me, he said: "Zhang Gong, I will be particularly strong, the more people will reject me, I’ll welcome Yuezhanyueyong, I refused," it is the spirit of ah Q. I thought: This is not the case, is what? When the customer refuses to us, how we should look at their psychology? We must be clear: the customer refused, where customers refused to appear, what is the reason. read more

Taobao ah pat three C2C shopping website pros and cons analysis

look at the current C2C platform, do the best to count Taobao, pat and Baidu have ah. Taobao to do the earliest time to defeat the eBay free mode, became the boss of the market, and pat rely on QQ even communication tools, but also a certain market share. Last year, Baidu launched a huge platform ah, rely on the flow of Baidu search engine, and more than two formed a situation of tripartite confrontation trend, had earned no money C2C platform competition more intense.

Fei Conglai is a magic weapon of the Internet, and Taobao is in this way as a selling point, and therefore yangmingliwan, established his position in the political arena, will be to the seller charges mode of eBay market continues to erode, become the market leader. Then, Taobao rely on the advantages of Alibaba B2B platform for the supply of goods in the shop owner Taobao shop, the seller to solve the problem of attracting a large number of sellers to solve the problem. Later, with the opportunity to charge the user to Taobao, pat free way to take advantage of it, coupled with the advantages of QQ users, pat also quickly occupied a certain market share. read more

Vip com was re United States law firm class action

NetEase Francisco July 4th message, according to foreign media reports, Law announced that the US law firm Goldberg PC, has been to the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York filed against (NYSE: VIPS) group of the indictment, claiming that in violation of federal securities law. Investors who bought shares of from February 17, 2015 to May 11, 2015, if they wish to become the main plaintiff in the case, should join the class action by the year of July 20, 2015. read more

Buy popular network mining potential to buy the network to make money

since the United States to buy Groupon network model to the introduction of the Chinese people, the domestic network to buy a new group, from the hundred regiments of thousands of war. Many celebrities have analyzed the network group purchase network such as the author, here is not to show off, only some profitable mining group purchase network to potential. PS: the meaning of mining is to buy a network of friends can try to do something, but not the author of the new discovery.

first: join mode. read more