Talk about sounds beautiful products

  [core hints] there were some sounds good products, but quickly exploded, but quickly disappeared from our vision. What are the rules behind this, ? every few years, there will always be some representative of "new model" products, quickly led the industry’s attention and the discussion, many people praised the discovery of these products and represents a new direction for the future, get N early angel investment of millions of dollars, tens of millions of dollars in valuation. The hash is when CEO, marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life rhythm. Tomorrow users celebrate the giant hit, acquired on the Nasdaq, the NYSE bell. and then there’s no more then. The products and teams that had attracted so much attention would quickly fall silent, and hear the news of the end of the project a year later. , what are the strange thinking cycles behind these beautiful sounding products? What are the experiences we can avoid? lovers are exclusive applications, forming "lovers circle" from 2012 onwards, lovers exclusive application hot, from foreign Pair, Between, and then to the domestic small love, after the launch, have received a lot of attention. their main features include: interactive Timeline, real-time communication, memorial day, big aunt, double collaboration game, etc.. ‘s logic is that couples want to have an independent space to do virtual communication for two people. But is a "circle of lovers" stripped of the real "circle of friends" really worth the extra cost?. With a user who has used a variety of similar applications to communicate, he admitted: "fresh, too tired.". short separation is actually good for emotional development, especially when there is a difference between two people’s emotions, schedules, and ways of dealing with them. Exclusive App even reduce communication costs, but such as location sharing, but easy to put too much pressure on lovers, in the emotional side is a conflict and contradictions place. Remote alarm, location sharing and other functions couple applications built-in caused disguised privacy damage, you may not want to let others know where the phone before it can lie, now a shared location ring are exposed. in addition, convenient online real-time high-frequency interaction couples couples social stresses, is another form of digital degradation? After more than your friends live in the circle of friends, or your boyfriend / girlfriend live in "lovers" in the circle. more importantly, what about breaking up? Deleting, giving up, keeping the chrome should be sad. >

Desert Web site is a labor-intensive industry

doesn’t know how to do a website, see others do stand, think is how profound things, officially because of this idea, make me slowly embarked on the road to do website. In fact, now, the threshold of the site has been very low, as long as you are not illiterate, will use the computer, the site is basically no problem. Learning to use a computer is easy for most people, especially young people. To see so many Internet companies will own itself as a high-tech company I want to laugh, most of the Internet Co are not many technology content, because the site is a labor intensive industry, innovation more reflected in how to operate instead of technology. said the site is a labor intensive industry may be a lot of people are hard to understand, of course, maybe a lot of people can cite many high technology content of the enterprise, but you can say are few, the rest of the 90% leader? Too many people just stare at several industries, but ignore the whole industry. According to the quantity, the host of the website should be the personal website, blog, and among them, the so-called garbage station occupies the majority again. This is the current situation of China’s website industry. These are the few profitable groups, and most of them are not profitable. For this group, the overall expenditure should be greater than income, at the same time do not forget, personal website owners of time and energy to pay, but also the cost. Of course, some websites may seem like consumer products, such as Blog for some people for the personal website of the industry chain, the main mode is personal, large and small sites, tens of thousands of websites, and then obtain the income through various kinds of advertising, and advertising alliance from these individual owners earned a share in. Of course, there are also some good personal Adsense directly sell other people monthly advertising. For this industry chain, you can think so, those personal Adsense is cheap migrant workers, for all kinds of League work. And personal Adsense is hard labor, many webmaster in order to make money, dozens of hundreds of garbage station, is completely mechanical construction site. What’s the difference between this and the spinning mill? No, only the difference in perception, because everyone is too familiar with spinning. I’ve heard of it since childhood, but the website is a new one. But is there a difference between the two? A person without training will not stand, nor will spinning. let us analyze the specific site, take the Blog, do a good blog what is the moonlight, the total number of less than 2000, why so little, because the finishing writing is a very time consuming. Let’s count, if one day to write 10 articles (do not know what people can write so much), then a year 3000, from the Internet to China to now is 15 years, a total of to writeContinue reading

A rookie webmaster’s ideas and ideas

recently, just had a new station, because of his love of reading, thus the name "bookworm Zhai"; in fact, in this respect there is no experience whatsoever of what I. Whether for computer networks or website management, can be said to be rookie in the rookie. And their own web site is also very dish. Many functions are not complete. So I shouldn’t have been talking here. But there are still some ideas to put forward, the right to refer to your reference. we all know, there is a good point, regular site, etc., have a membership mechanism. If you want to enjoy the service it offers, you have to register to become a member of it. What’s the reason? It just proves that there are more members of the site, and the popularity of the website rises. And you have the registration information, and it can always send you its product information and services. Although this is understandable, but for users, it would be too annoying. You don’t need to be so strict, except for some special services, such as email, online shopping, domain names, etc.. You have to wait for someone else to sign up to access and enjoy your service. Just imagine, when a user in the vast network of ocean can know your site, and intend to visit it, this is not easy, and for our own, it is also worth the pleasure. However, he still can not enjoy the service, you have not even seen the content of your website and is useful to him, but to carry out a series of registered on your website, fill in the relevant information and so on, after a series of complicated things to normal access. If he is needed or useful to him. That is, if different from what he had hoped for, you will be greatly disappointed? I’m afraid you will immediately turn away, never to return. remember I had make a website with Dreamweaver8, because some do not understand, out of some problems, and no one can ask, then it is not, go to online search, hoping to find a solution. Later found a lot of Web site related to web design. When I go to these sites to visit, have to register landing how, how, and then can go in. As a result, no answers or solutions were found. It’s frustrating. Then of course is nothing. Now many websites and forums are like this, you want to visit it and enjoy its service, you have to register as its member. When you fill in all the complicated information, after registering and landing, you have to find the relevant information you need in the station. Maybe you’ll find out at the end of the day that you don’t really want the type you want. This time your mood will be? I am afraid to have much more useless useless; you will go to visit the site? The answer is NO. Think about it, when aContinue reading

The professor left the big city to be a farmer

now in rural entrepreneurship has become increasingly common, there are also a number of people in the city to see the rural area business prospects, have rushed to the rural areas of entrepreneurship, the venture will say next has such a social experience. when another batch of farmers into the city, to get the city accounts as their goal, doctoral tutor Wang Zhengwu Shanghai Jiaotong University Department of food science, quietly choose to leave Shanghai to Nanjing South Village Longtan street as a farmer, he planted all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables, not only farmers become the talk of the village also, continue to appear in Nanjing, Shanghai’s high-end market vegetables. See Professor Wang Zhengwu when he was wearing a peaked cap, wearing a jacket in the greenhouses busy. A pair of mud shoes, simple and honest smile, looks really like a typical farmer. professor to Nanjing garden

Sichuan open storm mode

should be in the hot summer time, but because of the impact of heavy rain, so that many people are really cold heart cool body". In the summer of 2016, you are in a natural big steamer steaming sauna, or rolled up trouser legs in the water Wade? 12, a torrential rains in Chengdu Shuangliu, at 11 in the morning, under the rain of the largest Dongsheng Street, precipitation has nearly 100 mm. The rain came a little fierce, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport became a "pier", the car wiper became a decoration…… other small partners should also pay attention to, today, the whole Sichuan will open the storm mode, ready to meet the baptism of the storm. two runway under water through the water 40 cm 7 at 7:40 on the morning of 12 Xu, Shuangliu clear. 8 or so, Shuangliu dump heavy rain, rainfall intensity, full of the next 4 hours, resulting in short-term water in some areas. The largest rainfall occurs in Dongsheng Street, rainfall reached 97.2 mm / sec. Let users sigh to Shuangliu sea. "Dongsheng, Peng Zhen, Huang Jiujiang, more rainfall, is expected in the next 3 hours rainfall will continue." Through communication with the meteorological department and the existing situation, at 9:20 in the morning, area of the flood control headquarters responsible person issued a flood warning blue, start the flood. by the flood affected position of tunnel in Shuangliu International Airport two runway under two hours, a drop of 118 millimeters of rainfall, the deepest water reached 40 cm. However, the flood control department in a timely manner drainage, 40 minutes after the resumption of unilateral access, more than an hour after the resumption of full access. Shuangliu Airport second change pier just downstairs, it was scared out of the rain outside, and dare not foot." Who lives in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, said ms.. 12 early in the morning, the main city and the surrounding area began to rain. According to Shuangliu meteorological station data, from 8 to 11 in the morning, Dongsheng Street rainfall reached 97.2 mm, wiper to the fastest that file is not working. The three section in Changzhi Road Shuangliu Mr. Luo was walking on the way to work, he had to take off the shoes, rolled up trouser legs, into the storm. "The water is not directly over my knees, and the shops next door are flooded." even Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport second change Chengdu Shuangliu International pier". Catch a plane buddies, abruptly pulled by heavy rain, don’t let go. From Anhui to Sichuan to visit Ms. Zeng, at the airport, and more than two hours before the smooth take-off. car trapped in the water police manhole cover drainage recommendation

Bakery these things you need to know – the whole

for some novice shop, the beginning of the shop may not be very clear process, which requires a certain amount of knowledge related to the accumulation of reserves and the actual combat experience. Small series to provide you with knowledge, the general bakery needs to do the following five things. 1, the bakery will hire a special master to make bread, and generally not a bakery to buy bread food, at least there will be some other snack cake, ah what a twist is best not to do their own, is the best in their own brand of other manufacturers. Because bread is not suitable for long-distance transport, usually do their own. 2, should be ready for some documents before opening: business license (Business Administration), tax registration certificate (Local Taxation Bureau), health permit (local health bureau), sewage permit (the local environmental protection bureau), fire permits (local fire brigade), a health certificate (the local health bureau). 3, equipment preparation: general new bakery, with some of the most basic equipment on it, with the development of re update equipment. For example, doughmixer (mixer), mixer, cream machine (cake to use), layered oven (complete oven tray), a variety of abrasives, generally the cake will be used, and food packaging bag. The vessels and put the bread. 4, materials can go to your local non-staple food market to grant. General raw materials as long as the preservation of good, you can put half a year to 1 years. Do not forget to keep a room in the decoration or space to do disinfection room, otherwise the health department to check. ) 5, the last recruit a few salesmen, ready to be opened. so what do you need to do to open the bakery? would like to open a bakery. The first and most important is the technical problem, only when you have mastered the related knowledge and technology enough, you can y understand the bakery. Then opened a bakery, it is good business. Technical knowledge is the premise of a good product, but also a good product is the key to the success or failure of the bakery. There are different ways to solve the problem of production technology. At the present stage, the most direct and quick way is to study in baking classes. In the training class, the teacher will teach the fabrication technology of various popular bread, cakes, pastries without reservation, let you become a qualified pastry in a short period of time. At the same time, we can learn a lot about the equipment, raw materials, knowledge, let us know all the things we want to do. a lot of bakery failure due to the lack of professional knowledge, more or less operators caused by, because of the lack of professional knowledge will cause your production >

Analysis of future development of food map

in recent years, the taxi drops, Ali, Jingdong and other Internet business success can be seen, any business wants to be a good product positioning, for example, is now the most popular catering industry and garment industry, are for the 80 and 90 to the product located on why? Because 80 and 90 is now the main force of consumption, for this group of people is the most reliable things like. The food and food map of this project has been the purpose of development for this purpose. from the products in terms of delicacy management is the initial map Hot pot, but later found the headquarters, Hot pot only young people a part of love, and can not meet the dietary needs of all young people, so in the later, delicacy has continued to launch map features barbecue, foreign cuisine, Western desserts such delicacy, in addition the map has a delicacy, music bar, so that the delicacy map can meet the full range of 80, 90 after the consumer demand. from the management mode of speaking, now the most popular is the self consumption mode, the way of a business map is actually the delicacy, in this way, young people can choose their love in store delicacy, multiple consumer in the store, this special consumption mode brings high popular delicacy map of the catering project. speaking from the price positioning, food and beverage map this project has done very well. Delicacy map do not pay attention to the high price, many of my friends think that such a delicacy do many catering business consumption level is high, but the fact is not the case, pay attention to civilian consumption delicacy map, in here to eat a meal, only need to spend 20 dollars on the line. from the above 3 points we can see, whether it is in the positioning of the product consumer groups, or in the mode of operation, or in the consumer price positioning, firmly grasp the delicacy map are 80, 90 after the two consumer groups, so it is definitely a classic restaurant to cater to the market project. The future development trend of delicacy map can not be underestimated.

Open a coco tea juice shop – how much money probably need a

milk tea to join the market what brand more popular? In recent years, the rise of milk can be quite good. We will find in the major commercial street can see the shadow of milk tea. Tea can not only delicious and healthy. COCO huge market of milk tea contains the possibility of unlimited wealth, and COCO milk tea business is simple, the profit advantage is obvious, the investment business, choose the same with the strong, is the choice of successful protection. COCO tea brand strength, worthy of trust, is the best investment to get rich! so open a coco tea juice shop about how much money? Look at the following introduction you know. coco milk tea join advantages: coco tea developed different tastes, the traditional beverage brand famous, in recent years, attention to the election materials, the drink series is clear, bright and coordination. C drinks focus on the original ecology, can not be separated from fresh fruits and vegetables, milk and high quality ingredients, for other beverage shops are rare, forming a unique flavor, beverage industry has become the most popular features. To find out the specific circumstances of the project it! investment small: Coco tea headquarters to build a small investment projects, suitable for small and medium investment entrepreneurs, simple entrepreneurial projects, easy to operate, start steady development. return fast: customers are making money, become coco milk tea agents, the month will be profitable, two months to return to this. easy location: coco milk tea, the project site is flexible, pedestrian street, commercial street, the surrounding schools, residential areas, food city and other places can operate. easy operation: the whole standard operation mode, easy to learn, to become coco milk tea agents, without any food and beverage experience, is the real fast production of fast selling products. coco tea product diversification, the world style series, mellow tea series, fresh fruit tea series, white white series, black passion series, more winter hot drinks, to meet customer demand for different tastes. Coco milk tea every year to join the development of more than 30% new products, due to the diverse tastes of customers demand, standardized production, regular food safety inspection, to the customer the most fresh, reassuring guarantee. coco milk tea join fee coco milk tea to join the shop area requirements in 15 square meters, coco milk tea is a fee of $135 thousand, shop costs include: $30 thousand fee, $5 thousand contract performance, 100 thousand yuan of machinery and equipment and raw materials. open a co>

Wang Yubo create three upgraded version in the forefront

the afternoon of January 19th, mayor Wang Yubo Xining delegation to participate in the joint review. In his speech, he pointed out that the "government work report," the goal of the task, the grand blueprint to become a real achievement. For Xining, the key is to enhance the central city of Xining as a supporting force and the influence of the requirements, closely around ", adhere to the correct direction of deepening reform, strive to create" three area ", the construction of a comprehensive well-off" strategic task, focus on economic, ecological and livelihood from building upgrades and urban and rural development, deepening the reform implement etc.. Wang Yubo pointed out that after listening to the government work report, he has eight deep feelings: first, deeply felt the provincial government in promoting the rapid development of the economy’s hard work. Two is deeply felt the provincial government’s determination to promote the adjustment of industrial structure. Three is deeply felt the responsibility of the provincial government in the protection of ecological environment. Four is deeply felt the provincial government to improve people’s livelihood for the people. Five is deeply felt by the provincial government in promoting the reform of the people first. Six is deeply felt the provincial government in the reconstruction of Yushu extraordinary courage. Seven is deeply felt the provincial government in the "three zones" in the construction of a powerful. Eight is deeply felt that the provincial government to strengthen its role in building an exemplary role. Wang Yubo said that for a long time, the provincial government attaches great importance to the work of Xining, fully support the development of Xining. Secretary Luo Huining, governor Hao Peng is with Xining, Xining, for the cause of Xining give advice and suggestions, which greatly promoted the development and progress of Xining. Wang Yubo pointed out that this year, Xining will implement the requirements of the provincial government, continue to accelerate economic development, the first step in creating an upgraded version of the Qinghai economic practice, walking in the forefront. Pay more attention to ecological civilization, in the United States to create a big upgrade in Qinghai to take the lead in practice, walking in the forefront. Pay more attention to people-oriented, to improve the livelihood of the people to build an upgraded version of the first practice, walking in the forefront. To co-ordinate the development of urban and rural areas, to enhance the support and influence of the central city of Xining actively explore and strive to achieve results. Continue to inspire social vitality, comprehensively deepen reforms in daring to dare to try, at the forefront of the province.  

The Ten Session of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Political Consultative

two day meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Qinghai Provincial Committee of the fourth session of the Standing Committee of the Xining Provincial Committee concluded this morning (September 25th) in. Wu Shengye, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, Chen Ziquan, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China ( ), vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of China, vice chairman of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of china. Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Secretary Dorje Geltan, vice governor of, Gao Yunlong was invited to attend the meeting. informed the meeting of the work since the three meeting of the ten CPPCC Provincial Committee; vice governor Wang Lingjun listened to the briefing on accelerating the construction of the credit system, the provincial CPPCC Economic Committee made a "proposal" status and the construction of credit system of Qinghai Province, the theme of the speech, the CPPCC Standing Committee, the democratic parties Provincial Federation of industry and commerce part of the state and county CPPCC on how to speed up the construction of credit system for the conference, the participating comrades around the theme of the meeting has been seriously discussed, put forward many good ideas and suggestions. Bai Ma spoke at the meeting. He pointed out that the good faith is the market economy principle, harmonious society’s intrinsic request, to enhance regional competitiveness of the important resources of morality construction, the important content, we must accelerate the development and opening up from the strategic height, promote harmony, pay more attention to the integrity of the building, to enhance the credibility of the government is the key to strengthen the construction of government credit; in order to improve the enterprise credit as the focus, strengthen the construction of business integrity; to promote the integrity of culture as the starting point, strengthen citizen honesty construction; to establish the integrity of the information network as the starting point, to strengthen the construction of social honesty; to effectively increase in the integrity of the building in the process of punishment, let honesty become the consensus of the whole society, so that the integrity of the behavior into the consciousness of the whole society, so that the integrity of model get the respect of the whole society, let dishonesty main discipline of the whole society, from And the formation of everyone Shang Chengxin, everything speaks good faith, always keep good faith, integrity and good social practice. PEMA stressed that the CPPCC in inclusive, harmony but not sameness atmosphere, all political parties and representatives of all circles to long-term coexistence, work together with one heart, formed a stand together through storm and stress, "the quality of integrity in perfect sympathy with each other. Vigorously promote this quality, efforts to speed up the integrity of the systemContinue reading

Wenzhou college students entrepreneurship subsidy policy

for college students entrepreneurial boom, the government has introduced the relevant support policies. So Wenzhou college students entrepreneurship is also not have this support? What kind of support will be obtained? Wenzhou college students entrepreneurship, the government will give subsidies in what areas? Wenzhou days before the introduction of the "Interim Measures" of Wenzhou city college graduates employment and entrepreneurship support agriculture, these encouraging policies include: to meet the conditions of the student entrepreneurs, the Department of Finance in accordance with the standard of 10 thousand yuan to give a one-time special business subsidies; financial department give no more than 50 thousand yuan of micro credit loans in the early days of graduates, loans interest by the local government to give 50% discount subsidies. selected each year in a group of college students of outstanding entrepreneurs, and give some spiritual and material rewards; every year to organize a group of entrepreneurs to college students in agricultural activities of agricultural production and operation training; the establishment of agricultural employment base for college students; to meet the conditions of agricultural production and business units in the employment of graduates, the relevant institutions employ recruitment, equal under the condition of given priority. these measures to encourage the introduction of Wenzhou, not only solve the problem of the majority of college graduates venture capital, but also to solve the problem of college students entrepreneurial establishments, improve the success rate of college students entrepreneurship. related recommendations

Jewelry store businesses need to be confident

jewelry store operators how to do investment projects? A lot of business to business problems utterly ignorant of this is not conducive to business development, if you want to get more security that we get to learn the relevant skills, not to be missed. shop to join the project is a prerequisite for good business management, and now go to see the details of it! in the marketing process to have confidence. Confidence is the first point of jewelry marketing. If you do not have confidence in their own do not need to sell, confidence is the cause of success. To customers in the product, must have the vigor, speak of passion, the passion of your conduction to customers, allow customers to share product advantages and brand honor, there is nothing in the world share the passion more happy things, do not have confidence in their own company’s brand and products, psychologically sense of oppression. If you do not have confidence in the product brand, how to convince customers to buy, unless the customer has been in contact with your jewelry products than your confidence is still large, but such a thing is basically impossible. So in the process of marketing, in the end how to have confidence. Three basic ways to build confidence: is the first to continue to succeed, even if it is a small matter. followed by constant imagination of success, but not fantasy. is the ultimate success of their own in a field of self excellence, transferred to other areas of the same need for confidence. jewelry stores if you want to get success in the operators need to have a lot of confidence, only when will get a good development after you have faith in your product and career, if give up self, so self deprecation is certainly not, hope the above suggestions for you. related recommendations

The United States children how to join it

How about small children? In the children’s clothing market, has been a very popular children’s clothing. The entrepreneurial business with a small capital to choose small children? Have the advantage of choice! open a children’s clothing store can now join a child? The children’s clothing market is widely optimistic, especially after the opening of the national two-child policy, demand for children’s clothing market in the future will be more. The United States children Hanpai tide take children’s clothing brand, shocked, open Mei child dress patterns. small children and children’s products to launch amazing colorful childhood for the children, four seasons continued hot, spring spring summer, pleasant, enthusiastic, sincere love of autumn, winter, flying free. According to the different needs in children, a launched different series of children’s products, including the British Academy, simple leisure, romantic retro, dynamic movement, avant-garde fashion, classic, the tide ride explosion models, suitable for all kinds of different personalities and preferences of the child, to occupy the vast consumer market. small children making children at different age children have different series of products, to provide for the children out of the ordinary love. The United States children shape and color selection more and more fashion personality, wearing more features. At the same time, the United States children for strict quality, adhere to the selection of high-quality health fabrics, strict production process, take the fine management, through multi-channel inspection, to ensure product quality, breathable and comfortable for children wearing. small children market is always very hot, hot, hot market. If you join the United States for children is very interested in, it quickly! Let’s work together to create wealth!

Specialty venture money the latest specialty shop business plan

products industry a huge profit margins, is a good choice for entrepreneurs to get rich quick, but the first step to success is to start a good business plan, so that others can understand your ideas, the following small for everyone to bring the new specialty store business plan, in order to provide the reference for entrepreneurs. , a specialty supermarket profile: in the downtown area is located in Xiasha University City, we students own supermarket, University City specialty supermarket. This is the vast number of students studying outside of the dream, the supermarket for all teachers and students of the University City and foreign tourists, so that we can eat here in the world. We aim to serve students, to provide students with local specialties. Solve the thoughts of the ease of the place, so far away from home to the students to eat local specialties, feel the taste of home, so that more students taste different flavors of food……

The impact of the era of those years or disappeared or away from our website

July 28th, the Forum web site announced the closure of the network closed. The banner network announced that the immediate termination provides content services, the website has only announced. announcement content: "respected banner network users, thank you for many years of company. Due to business needs, we immediately terminate the provision of content services. Please forgive us for the inconvenience. Banner network July 2015 " a notice, once again caused an uproar, and it is understood that the banner of network in the early July has stopped updating. Users have also said that unfortunately, reluctant, to give a statement and so on, but the banner of the official network has not given a specific statement today. closed in the banner of network background, we can see that in the past, disappeared, leaving us far more than BBS forum websites? Today, Xiaobian I will summarize those years, or disappear or away from us website. a, NetEase community is a NetEase NetEase community blog, space, community, club, hot discussion, friends, feelings, games, animation, travel, photography, constellation, music, comics, fashion, film, mobile phone, digital, automotive, pictures, beauty, women as one of the exchange platform. November 15, 2012, NetEase announced the release of community service announcement, said it will stop service at 0:00 on December 18th. NetEase community formerly established in 1997, NetEase BBS, from the beginning to the end of the 15 spring and autumn. In the 15 spring and autumn, the continuous development of the Internet, emerging social media continue to emerge, in such a big wave, the NetEase community has been the impact of the decline is inevitable.   Two, the network January 9, 2014, the network group purchase website issued a statement "the group as a business relationship has been unable to provide normal services, service will be suspended from now on." And also said that some of the arrears will try to pay off within three years. But much of the headquarters but the door closed, empty. From the industrial and commercial department learned, in violation of the provisions of article two of the net. The group that doubts crisis late and no relevant person in charge of the company’s figure is not. All the signs indicate that the group seems to have been unable to reverse the collapse. three, rice unification network April 22, 2014, Fantong website can not be opened, 400 reservation telephone call also no one connected. This was established in 2003, is known as the comprehensive online catering service enterprises Chinese first free restaurant reservation service, catering service discount free of Fantong down, operating 10 years, renowned Fantong down. >

Nora scene refused punishment notice 260 million is not the final ticket

every reporter Zou Jintian from Shenzhen,, days ago, there is news that Nora Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the company) is facing a number of serious suspicion of piracy, was fined 260 million yuan. yesterday (May 21st), "daily economic news" reporter to verify the market supervision administration of Shenzhen informed, has not yet issued a formal decision, but the "administrative penalty hearing this book", but Nora scene refused to sign. Shenzhen city market administration office staff Peng Conglin said, according to the program, Nora also through hearings, administrative review, prosecution and a series of procedures, review of the amount of the fine, if customers find other evidence in their favor, "it may not be so much punishment". multicast refused penalty notice yesterday, the "daily economic news" reporter from the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Management Bureau, by Nora violation of laws and regulations related to intellectual property rights, the Council on May 20th afternoon to Nora served the administrative punishment hearing "notice", involving a fine of 260 million yuan, but the scene refused to sign Nora Shenzhen market supervision administration implemented a lien served, this book will be posted on Nora’s door. Nora refused to sign for the reasons for the book, the Shenzhen municipal market supervision bureau office staff Peng Conglin said". reporter yesterday morning at the scene to see Nora, Nora did not inform the door above the book, and Nora staff are reluctant to accept the reporter’s interview on the matter. for punishment basis, said Peng Conglin, the Bureau of law enforcement to know. For the 260 million yuan ticket, Peng Conglin said, is not the biggest ticket in the field of intellectual property rights is not clear, but since the establishment of the market supervision administration of Shenzhen municipality, on infringement of intellectual property, the largest single ticket. reporter noted that this ticket is limited to infringement of intellectual property rights, but not on the jurisprudence punishment. Peng Conglin said that this is the case of intellectual property rights, jurisprudence does not return here. is not the first time involved in piracy fined it is worth noting that the Shenzhen municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau in the afternoon of May 20th served Nora is the administrative punishment hearing book, rather than the administrative penalty decision. Peng Conglin told the "daily economic news" reporter said, this book is not an administrative penalty decision, in accordance with the procedures, Nora also through hearings, administrative review, prosecution and a series of procedures, review of the amount of the fine, if our own to find other evidence, "it may not be so much punishment". Peng Conglin also said that at present there is not much information can be released, the relevant information can refer to the Shenzhen municipal Market Authority official micro-blog released content, the final processing results will come out next week. Sheng firm senior.

DEDE infighting and Empire

November 27, 2007, the emperor of the software company’s core products, imperial website management system ECMS4.7 test version was officially released before the DEDE2007. In the Empire’s forum, WC posted a post quite mean, the title is: the water is not sweet – Imperial website management system 4.7 beta release. "Water is not sweet", the language of a, they will lead to a burst of conjecture. Lenovo’s two famous PHP content system DEDE and ECMS release notice, are scheduled at the end of 11, some coincidence. The degree of attention to the individual owners, like Japan and the Chinese lunar satellite enthusiasm. Which function is more powerful? Which is more suitable for webmaster? Every webmaster seems to be very interested in understanding. as most of the webmaster friends around two big system, the two factions loyal FASN have published an article in the forum, behind their favorite CMS. The Empire’s fans says the empire is more convenient than the DEDE to do the two development of the poor in programming. The DEDE fans is more favor of the practicality and affinity of DEDE, and even proposed in the front of the new interface DEDE is more beautiful than the Empire, etc.. is in front of the interface, DEDE to more than one empire. Platon shows in the industry through the determination of wrist force. Trying to build from either the foreground or the background of China’s first PHP site management system. So in the new version of the function, the two can do the same level of comparison, this we have to wait until after the release of DEDE2007 also know. And WC’s phrase "true water without fragrance". The implication is that we should be aware of it! DEDE and Empire infighting marks the PHP website management system of domestic competition into the white hot stage. Also marks the Chinese website from the quantity to the quality of a high degree of reflection. Of course, there are other CMS companies are also committed to build and improve their own brands. for the webmaster, there is no one who is the best CMS. But a more mature, more inclusive attitude. After all, for their own is the best. CMS here, wish all the way.

The relationship between email marketing and SEO

for a webmaster, e-mail marketing is a common means of drainage. Generally speaking, the mall type or Taobao owner, often dealing with email, such as new products or dynamic goods, the owner through the mail to inform Internet users, if the user really needs, then buy or pay attention to the possibility of mall is very big. E-mail marketing and SEO has a relationship, SEO is short for search engine optimization, in fact, at present, the mail has been greatly polluted. because the mail marketing effect is very obvious, for QQ mail users, after the computer appears on the lower right corner of the mail, he will be unable to restrain the emotions to point to open, very attractive in the content of the words, many people are also very happy to visit the link in the message. It can be seen that the flow of mail and conversion is very impressive. To this end, many people take the form of e-mail marketing, to their own website or shop drainage, which also led to the emergence of spam. what is spam spam messages contain too much advertising information, and even the intention to sell is too obvious, but also the Internet users objectionable information. The mail system will automatically block spam to the user, but in order to avoid manslaughter, so each mailbox has a garbage box. Into the garbage box mail, under normal circumstances, the use of QQ mailbox, then, when there is a message, the lower right corner of the computer or QQ panel will not be reminded. today to talk about the relationship between e-mail marketing and SEO, SEO is mainly for search engines. SEO why do rankings. Now the majority of Internet users are through the search engine to get information, in a period of time, the webmaster can through a variety of cheating means to get their website has a good ranking in the search engine, so your site will have a large flow. The website information value of good words is good for search engines, but many of the poor quality of the website, also can do through the means of cheating on the rankings, which not only damages the interests of users, but also damage the interests of the search engine. Now the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, more and more accurate grasp of information, a lot of cheating means to do the effect is not obvious. and e-mail marketing, although spam e-mail system can automatically intercept, its purpose is to improve the user experience. Experience is important, but for the crowd of advertising, the trash is a ridge, as long as we do not let the mail into the trash on the line. In the above mentioned with us, the e-mail has been contaminated, the reason is that the value of the information is not high pollution. But sometimes valuable information can be intercepted in the trash. how not to let the mail into the trash? We call SEO search engineContinue reading

Baidu is about to launch the map API to create an open platform

March 27, 2010 night at 8:30, in Baidu and WWF (WWF) cooperation in the "Earth Hour" on the official website, more than 3 million users according to their location on the map "lit" a green lamp bulb, which is not only the users for the first time through the visual map to show the way to participate in the activities, is landing the application of Baidu map first open API interface. It is reported that the upcoming Baidu map API interface, after two times of development, information services and life many netizens can call directly related to Baidu map data and module, meet the information needs of users increasingly localization. according to the reporter, Baidu map API through the JavaScript Baidu maps embedded into the web application interface, with a lot of practical tools to deal with the map, add content to the map, so it can easily create a fully functional map application. Baidu map official said, developers can call the function through the map API, according to the rapid integration of business application content modules, the establishment of new network applications and models. Such as online housing intermediary services with Baidu map API, let people enter the address you can see near the rental house on the map, the hotel chain in the map marked the nationwide store location information and pictures etc.. At present, the location of the search, public transportation, driving, walking, real-time traffic conditions can be free, this year will also provide more functional modules for open API." A webmaster of the API program that API is the core to map the map data, the stability of the service, research and development, in this regard, Baidu strong technical strength and brand appeal, will inevitably impact to the existing small brand map provider API. , and open API so that everyone’s personalized needs to be met, combined with Baidu’s powerful interactive community platform, to provide users with a wealth of experience and application. Reporters learned that Baidu maps API is currently in the map, paste it, space, know, mybaidu, entertainment and other products online applications, there are more than a dozen partner projects. A use of Baidu maps API application developers said, "and other map API platform, system file is small, low cost, low memory footprint is Baidu’s advantage, but also has more than more than and 70 categories, more than and 400 rich interface, can provide stable and reliable application service map for users, improve the user experience." evaluation of the industry, in the future, many Internet users demand service life, and the associated map, map and open API interface to allow the site to quickly launch map related services, to better meet the needs of users. In particular, the map data as a key parameter, according to the location of the Internet to provide more convenient, more accurate, more intelligent information query. Baidu official said, Baidu is pleased to see its map based on API, there are more rich applications developed, while promoting theContinue reading

The official said the company did not authorize any individual network sales welfare lottery

  according to the Ministry of civil affairs website news, China Welfare Lottery Management Center said in a statement released today, the center has not authorized any units and individuals to carry out Internet sales of welfare lottery business, nor any unit in cooperation with the Internet sales of welfare lottery business. recently, some websites claiming to be "United Chinese lottery sales center established" or "the welfare lottery center authorized", fraudulent use of the name China welfare lottery management center through the Internet illegal sales of welfare lottery. said in a statement, hope that the majority of lottery are vigilant, beware of being cheated, as revealed by the illegal Internet sales of welfare lottery, please timely report to the relevant law enforcement departments, but also through the lottery hotline 95189518 to reflect. statement stressed that China Welfare Lottery Management Center to retain the right to pursue legal institutions and personnel related legal liability.