Shop operators 9 key false means

many times, we want to do online shop, but in the end, but found that, after all, can not achieve good results. As the saying goes: "no business is not evil, who do not want to make money fast, if there is a shortcut to go, I think everyone is willing to. In fact, business shop, also can use some false means, if the use of the uprising will be a multiplier effect, but be clear: here the false means does not include: quality, service and other illegal means false false. 1, apply for different trumpet, or find an acquaintance to write online advice, messages and other related information. Most people love to join in the fun, where people are many, popular, where to drill. At first, when you shop, if someone came to your shop to see, and even consult the people are not, so deserted, it will not be consulted. 2, use a friend’s ID card to sign a trumpet or let acquaintances buy this store product. This will enhance the credibility of our products. But this method should not be excessive use, improper use will lead to the risk of titles. 3, the same product, take pictures from different angles or different styles to achieve the effect of multiple products. This method tries those sellers who have fewer online products. If you have too few products in your shop, who would like to go shopping?. Many and complete products in order to attract consumers desire to buy. 4, according to your product, imitate the official website of the product, or the same product grade shop style. In this way, buyers feel that your shop is very formal, easy to let buyers trust you, stimulate him to spend here. 5, imitate large shops, engage in activities. Shops regularly engage in activities, activities can be false early. Mainly in order to attract popularity, and later you make money, you can really engage in some activities, and only in this way, buyers feel that you shop is very fire, very promising. 6, the identity of the buyer to ask the answer. For example: you use two Baidu hi number, you ask yourself to answer, so you can send chats and other screenshots to the store, as a successful case. This does not have obvious false ingredients, it is best to act as a buyer, the buyer’s use of experience feedback, the best effect, so that other buyers will be very exciting. 7, through pictures or videos, as buyers, buy products, display. Buyers to purchase products, the use effect is significant, (here refers to the costume of cosmetics or clothing products for buyers, then said) through a video or picture display, it will play a certain role to stimulate consumers to buy. 8, imitate high-level seller’s product sales service system. Such buyers feel your shop is very formal, not the general store, especially those who eat, wear, use in the body of the security products, buyers of the body is concerned,Continue reading

To be a rich stationmaster, you must know how to persist

many friends have just done the station, the technology is not very good at it. It only knows all the webmaster based. Understand the meaning of web code, and you can simply modify the code of a website. But often such stationmaster got bigger success. Get huge traffic, have higher wages than advertising fees. This is why? I think that is the webmaster have a heart in your heart, although he doesn’t know a lot of SEO technology, don’t know those black hat and so on. But he has a lasting heart. , they go to great blogs to register and promote the website; and then, they go to the forum to post; at the same time, they update the content of the website constantly. So after a few months to get a good ranking, a lot of money in advertising, and some professional webmaster, do stand a few months, but in the end still dozens of IP. They kept complaining about why my website layout is better than others, and the optimization is better than others. But why can’t you get a good location on the search engine?. I don’t think they have a basic belief in the station. That’s persistence. I want grassroots webmaster to do the success of the station, the most basic cornerstone, not to have extraordinary technology, but to have a stick to the person. The technology is not the more the better, because the more you know, the more ideas, ideas will be more deserted, the look, the look, can’t concentrate on a stick, are not likely to be successful. So, I want to warn all of money online friends are interested in technology, this thing, as long as enough on the line, do not think that the more you learn better, sometimes a little narrow knowledge it can push you in a way to get unexpected results. Methods website promotion is very much, the webmaster when persisting in promotion, should be preferred; remember, had seen an article, which said, according to the traffic statistics you to focus on publicity. For example, you are on a blog post today website, but a few days later, you found that the site did not attract a lot of traffic, then you should not repeat the same thing, must think about why this is not good enough! Your article or other what reason?. In a word, the reasonable application of 20/80 principle can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For this, I think webmaster can learn from. want to do stand friends, and have been doing station friends, always remember that "perseverance is victory, remind yourself of the" no free lunch "; I believe that as long as you remember these words, then you can succeed, and can go a lot less curved road. this article starts with,

SNS socializing and ambiguous

when the network virtual world pure people can not meet the inner needs, combined with the reality of the virtual community bump appears, this year in the network’s hottest greeting "you SNS?" is. No it does not matter, an email immediately arrives! – look, is eight hundred years old don’t meet the students in the community, even with the usual disagreeable conversation half sentence a passer-by, would become very affectionate here. What is SNS? after WEB2.0, usher in a 3D virtual community Internet community boom, but while it is still trying to figure out how big is the power of the 3D community, 2008 suddenly jump out of the "SNS community" mode, the limelight without the two. The full name of Socoal SNS, Network Sofeware, a friend of a friend in order to understand the basis of existing for meeting social sub groups and maintain social relations, and in the real life and the network technology. As the network of "exotic", the continuation of the interpersonal management responsibilities, but also makes us see the different geographical and cultural attitude of virtual community users face foreign account DISABLE and DELETE function is very wide, users to bid farewell to the community, will freeze and delete your own account, because they pay much attention to the personal account and virtual community identity, but will also virtual identity and identity in reality very clear. While domestic users are accustomed to extend the virtual identity as the reality of identity, for the virtual identity is very utilitarian: the game account for training, virtual account transfer, marriage and money in exchange for virtual community ranking…… Through the virtual identity to achieve the reality of identity can not achieve spiritual aspirations. talked about from a poll of ten thousand people Q: is there anyone like that on your SNS buddy list, ? A: the beloved, 21% the one who loves 8% who once loved 14% the one who fascinates himself 18% worships people 7% wants someone to happen, 12% heart have never met 11% More than of the data came from the voting results of a SNS community, and we were surprised to find that this list of "community names" was filled with love". This is a Yizhenyijia gray area, real name, virtual appellation, real virtual avatar, smile, and then again by real people send out virtual "flirting", make people addicted to them back and forth, indulgence, fall into a reverie. Therefore, more can stimulate the adrenal gland secretion the game procedure to come out one after another, seizes the player eyeball at the same time, also is challenging people’s lust bottom line. in the "sale" in " "in" and ">

Zhu Yong improve website conversion rate and visitors depth analysis of trust

1, domain name as far as possible to use COM domain name, card Mu has won the hearts of the people, whether from the promotion point of view or brand point of view, is the best choice. After the domain name suffix determined, it is necessary to consider the prefix problem, on the domestic site recommended to choose the dual combination of good, but now in the domain name market Shuangpin prices generally tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, can also be considered a short spell in the three, three fight two years ago has entered the domain name investors view, want a good estimate the domain name is also looking for investors to buy, no way limited resources. Do not recommend the first letter of practical Pinyin, or some strange, meaningless combination, as a domain name, a good domain name for the future development of the web site has an immeasurable role. two, interface The interface is the first contact visitors to the site elements, regardless of website function, content and other factors, if visitors first see is an out of order, color collocation of chaos website, so they will choose to shut down nine out of ten estimation directly, not to mention the sales. Therefore, the first impression of the website is very important, and the exquisite and professional interface design can reflect the technical strength of a website and the degree of professional dedication to the work. Some articles on the user experience, my website "Libia website operation club" there are many interested friends can go to see. three, content first of all, the content of the website should be updated frequently. It is often updated to show that the website is maintained by special personnel and can be trusted. You can consider a variety of festivals, in the website to arrange some blessing text, and do some related activities according to the festival, closer the distance between the site and visitors. if you are in sales of goods based on the website, so each commodity description should be abundant and accurate, and provides high definition picture, show your goods from various angles to the visitors, visitors from the point of view, some of the details of the commodity feature, a lot of Taobao crown sellers do very well, we are interested can look at. lets users know more about Have to contact us about us, will every website at the bottom, advertising and other content, which almost become a "standard" website content, although many websites have this position, but the content of most are not enough, there is no good planning in its content, even some website directly short link. from the visitor’s point of view, it is necessary for him to pay the money to the website and understand the information of the other party. Then the clearer and more detailed the description of the website is, the easier it is to win the trust of the clients. For example, you should specifyContinue reading

Successful entrepreneurs three elements not less wise remark of an experienced person

look at the successful experience of entrepreneurs, can always draw some similarities in the move towards success, will inevitably encounter setbacks, but learn how to solve, is a very important thing, if you are interested in business, take a look at the perfect three elements of entrepreneurship so! elements: original view has unique insights or unique technology is the key to success, but the point is also the most difficult to do. Obviously, your original ideas or techniques (of course, it is best to have the patent) is your strengths, like if you master the Macintosh operating system what computer Apple Corp drag you, master this key.

Rise of fresh electricity supplier industry outlook is worth a look

online shopping has become a habit, and now even a bag of snacks can also be purchased online, so the purchase of fresh and semi-finished products on the Internet is not a rarity. The rapid rise of fresh electricity providers, access to the attention of many entrepreneurs. as the last piece of fat electricity, fresh electricity heat is increasing from the beginning of 2014. Electricity supplier giants in the layout of fresh business, Tmall, Jingdong, Amazon, SF preferred, one shop, I bought a comprehensive network of electricity providers such as no one absent. Meanwhile, vertical fresh electricity supplier is also very concerned about the capital. Originally life, every day, such as orchards have received tens of millions of dollars in financing, the former president of HUAWEI glory Liu Jiangfeng resigned to create fresh electricity supplier DMall has not yet been on the line has been an angel. also in 2014, semi-finished food electricity supplier as a new fresh electricity supplier model began to attract attention, then the entrepreneurs began to try, including the young monarch dish, vegetables, small Nongnv, as guest with new taste, endless life. But such services in the demand for authenticity, purchase frequency, customer price, delivery costs have also been questioned.

Sichuan state-owned enterprises to optimize the way out of the capital layout

state-owned enterprises in China’s economic development is self-evident, it has the role of regulating the development of national economy in all aspects of the role. However, the phenomenon of state-owned enterprises in Sichuan is facing an urgent need to optimize the capital layout. So, where is the way out? at present, the reform of state-owned enterprises in Sichuan has entered a new stage. Recently, the provincial office issued "on the adhere to the leadership of the party to strengthen the party’s governance of state-owned enterprises to promote the construction of modern views" at present Sichuan state capital "front" problem, urgent need to optimize the layout of the capital. Sichuan state owned enterprises have made considerable progress, while some aspects need to be improved. For example, last year, the province’s state-owned net assets yield 1.2 percentage points lower than the East, there is a gap in competitiveness. And Sichuan is not nominated for the world’s top five hundred companies. on the enterprises to go out of the topic, the chairman of Sichuan energy investment group Guo Yong was intrigued: "there are a lot of opportunities outside ah, such as our north along Russia and some other countries, energy rich, natural gas is less than 5 gross, 1 wool much money with us, the natural gas more than 2 yuan a square seven or eight, the electric hair was compared, the advantage of large. In addition, a number of strategic emerging industries, including power batteries, new materials, in the pursuit of foreign advanced enterprises to promote the development of our industry in Sichuan." in the optimization of capital structure, state-owned enterprises must adapt to the trend of the times, constantly adjust their strategy, seize the opportunity to get a long-term effective development, to promote the economic development of the country and the people to create real value.

The advantage of part-time entrepreneurs

we all know want to work to get rich this way basically impossible, workers took the basic wage gap is too large, what not to do business, but everyone is not the same, the gap between the suddenly opened. Want to embark on the road to wealth, office workers can do part-time, earn more income! workers what kind of business? Working part-time project of Internet writer:

How exactly to open clothing store purchase

venture to open the store, the choice of goods is very important, because this is where the brand competitiveness. And open clothing store is so, so in the end how to ensure that the purchase of clothing fashion and hot? This requires a certain skill. clothing purchase to merchantability, amount, referred to as "double appropriate" business must grasp a key. Operating clothing, both marketable, but also the right amount, but it is difficult to grasp the two". How exactly to sell clothes to buy it? How

6 Palestinians were killed by police

according to foreign media reports, recently, 6 Palestinians were killed as a result of the attack on the military and police, the Israeli Palestinian conflict continues. It is reported that 6 people died in at least three children under the age of 18.

Extreme weather is the possibility of a unified holiday

heavy rain in recent days, for many cities is almost devastating, the rising water level of the Yangtze River, landslides, people even travel has become a problem, but also to go to work, go to school? Jiangshan street water nearly one meter; Fengtai road viaduct and road two-way closed due to water; Daming Road sub cellar Shan Road impassable due to water; Olympic Avenue Mount Lu Road, Mount Huangshan Road, Songshan Road, Mt. Hengshan road traffic disruption; Zijin Road, victory Village Road, houbiaoying road plot flooding situation is serious, the depths of 1 meters…… after the morning, a rare rainstorm yesterday morning, workers are very angry: driving out the jams even no way to go, many buses were halted, even the most reliable of the subway has closed site because of the heavy rain. A lot of people forced to wade impatient, the result is signs of danger appearing everywhere. in such harsh conditions, there are some units of humanity to inform employees today off, did not go to work, a lot of friends for such praise, at the same time, there are a lot of friends raised such questions like this: Yancheng rainstorm weather, can by the government departments to arrange a holiday? This is the account yesterday, a lot of people blocked a morning to reality not unified unit, a half day leave seems to be a worthwhile option, thus can greatly ease the traffic pressure, but the key is, can greatly reduce the safety of public travel. As many netizens said, this rare rainstorm occurred just in the summer, if it occurs during school? Children’s safety should be enough attention? might as well take a look at our neighbor Anhui, which is also under heavy rain for two days. Because there are a few schools for pre examination as the examination and other reasons not to leave, some schools are still in July 4th, organization students, the Education Department of Anhui Province issued an emergency notice, requiring all from July 5th onwards will be the school holidays, stop all the teaching activities, to eliminate makeup phenomenon. is currently the implementation of a unified holiday may be only the school, and the positions of the staff are also stick to their work. It is true that there are too many aspects of a unified holiday, but in the face of security, temporary special measures can be implemented. Put half a day or a day off, or off, is a full holiday or for special populations, these options can be refined, but as long as there are such humane initiatives introduced, I believe everyone will give applause. related recommendations

Guangxi will build entrepreneurial supermarket to provide one-stop service

now the whole society are actively encouraging the development of entrepreneurial activities in Guangxi, it is proposed to build an entrepreneurial supermarket, for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a one-stop business service system. to encourage public entrepreneurship, Employment Bureau in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will rely on the Guangxi public employment service information platform and establish venture Guangxi employment network resource library. In the future, there are entrepreneurial intentions of the job seekers can be like shopping in the supermarket, in the search for the selection of projects like the pool of resources, and enjoy one-stop service.

Xiaobian teach you the right choice of toy stores to join the brand

investment venture, looking for a brand to join their own business than a worry, but also can reduce the risk of some investment. Now the toy industry is very hot, the toy has not only the patent of children, more new toys also attracted a large number of young people, to join investment, it is also a good opportunity to open a toy store is good, but be sure to choose a suitable franchise brand. Today Xiaobian teach you to choose the right toy store to join the brand.

Ai Shangjie green wash oil cut is really a good project venture bianjiebao

Airsun environmental clean cut oil wash bowl? Family helper. As in the market, Airsun environmental clean cut oil wash sales rising bianjiebao. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development opportunity choice! Join Airsun environmental clean oil cutting and washing cleaning? Airsun environmental clean wash oil cut really good projects in the bowl. For many people, it’s time to think about all kinds of washing products, soap, detergent and detergent…… However, most of these products contain chemical ingredients, into the human body, will interfere with the body’s metabolism, the metabolic products in the body caused by biochemical reactions, will cause great harm to the body. Ai Shangjie environmental oil wash cut Jie Bao, it appears, will completely replace the chemical detergent, let you go easily with water to oil. traditional washing does harm to people health, green high voice! Airsun environmental clean cut oil wash cleaning without detergent, a coup! A little simple installation in the wash cleaning, faucet, installation of 1, durable. A water faucet to trace, wash dishes, laundry, bath can be used, every family can not do without everyone, big market, high demand! Airsun environmental clean cut oil washing Jie Bao, a powerful natural artifact washing decontamination, the contents of the product itself by natural formula food grade, when the water flows into the product, the flow of water molecules due to the impact caused by the decomposition of super, grease and dirt effect, high permeability, high diffusion force and high dissolving capacity and high oxygen can be greasy decomposition, to achieve environmental protection cleaning effect, if the local water can be directly consumed, with Airsun after cleaning the flow out of the water, can directly drink the same. healthy products, suitable for the basic needs of our modern people. Entrepreneurial choice of the most valuable items, is a very hot choice. Ai Shangjie green wash oil cut Jie Bao to join the project, what are you waiting for?

Xining North District to raise the 331 severely disabled living allowance

this year, the city of Xining, 331 urban and rural areas with severe disabilities living allowance increased by $50 per person per month. in recent years, more than 800 yuan to invest in the north of the city of Xining to build the largest integrated services center in Xining. For 1 million 730 thousand yuan of funds to build a small bridge community, Qilian Road West community home for the disabled". For rehabilitation equipment worth more than 40 yuan for the district hospital, twenty shop, Ma Fang, Chaoyang community health service center, built a rehabilitation center for the disabled. Hedong road in Beichuan, Xin Yue, Mao Sheng Temple community and Yan village, Xinmin Village invested more than 10 yuan to build rehabilitation training room for the disabled. (author: Su Jianping Zhao Chao)