Song Hongwei from Coca-Cola to fast taxi, almost all his life selling syrupLi Xiang third start-up c

although our business is still concentrated in the country, but sometimes still needs across different cultural backgrounds, such as Lhasa, many drivers are local Tibetans, do not speak Mandarin, not to mention that he used mobile phone orders, but now the whole Lhasa more than 1000 drivers with fast, this process is full of the challenge, but also a lot of fun. according to reports, the car and home location for the city intelligent transportation service providers, the sales model for combining online and offline, online through a proprietary platform sales, the line through self experience stores and distributors store display products, orders by car and home uniform delivery to the customer. At the same time, with the help of networking technology, the car and home can be used to integrate the upstream and downstream industry chain used by the vehicle, providing users with one-stop maintenance, maintenance, insurance, automotive finance and other value-added services. fast, the pace of internal work is very fast, usually decided to enter a city, we will choose three or four people to form a team, sent to the local, stationed for one or two weeks for assault promotion. By the end of last year, we had taken more than 40 cities across the country, adding up to less than 4 months. Survived the initial expansion I spent most of the past year on business trips. The number of flights in the air lane was 145 times, and the journey was almost 200 thousand kilometers. This year, the rapid taxi from Hangzhou gradually penetrated into the country, almost all taxi cities there are many small towns. Bulletin shows that the car and home in Changzhou, covering 750 acres of all aluminum vehicle factory has started construction, for the production of vehicles, supporting the standardization of the battery factory will also be put into use during the year. The second half of 2017, car and home will be launched for the 30 km radius of the city travel demand of pure electric vehicles SEV intelligent electric vehicle; the second half of 2018 will be launched for extended range electric SUV radius 300 km travel demand sport utility vehicle. ‘s greatest value for a taxi driver is to help them reduce overhead and increase revenues. After many drivers with a fast, monthly income can be increased more than 2000. In addition to economic returns, fast drivers can help drivers customize routes. A driver talked to me, saying that no matter how late he drove, how far away from home, as long as the fastest, up to three orders will be able to relay home. Li Xiang third start-up companies, cars and homes were 780 million yuan injection, valued at nearly 3 billion yuan I joined the fast taxi number forty-third in April 2013. Before joining the fast taxi, I had been working in the FMCG industry for almost ten years at Coca-Cola, and I worked in a military factory earlier. When suddenly 40 years, like the doings ofContinue reading

Children’s wear shop location should pay attention to what

children’s clothing is now more popular, a lot of friends took a fancy to the children’s clothing market in the future, want to join the shop, if you want to invest in children’s clothing industry, where to open children’s clothing store is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction. 1, business center large commercial center, commercial street, business center, with a natural commercial atmosphere. How to open the children’s clothing store location? Large passenger flow, the purchase of high frequency, rich consumer shopping, strong demand for products. But the pros and cons are obvious. How to open the children’s clothing store location? The cost of rent in the commercial center is high and competition is fierce. Many start-ups in the financial, material, human and other aspects of the lack of, so in the choice of a commercial center to open children’s clothing stores should be more cautious. After all, can not eat into a fat man. 2, traffic Avenue traffic to the natural flow of people, especially like the corner of the street. But for children’s clothing monopoly has just started entrepreneurs, it is not recommended to open children’s clothing stores in the traffic arteries. Choose to open the children’s clothing store in the traffic arteries, we must pay attention to children’s clothing store decoration to be attractive, how to open the children’s clothing store location? Children’s clothing store children’s monopoly of the species to be novel, price concessions. Traffic on the road this position is more suitable for old children’s clothing store, itself has a strong intangible assets. above is about the children’s clothing store location should pay attention to some matters, I believe that we have a certain understanding, want to know the brand shop how to choose? Then come to understand in detail! related recommendations

For you to talk about a restaurant owner’s valuable entrepreneurial experience

venture capital is a lot of people dream to do, everyone wants to have a business of their own, but for many first-time entrepreneurs, the most is the lack of entrepreneurial experience, as the saying goes: standing on the shoulders of giants to see farther. Today the whole network Xiaobian to tell a restaurant owner valuable entrepreneurial experience. A, when you find a good employee, tell him that you think he is a good employee. thank and praise him often. If they feel respected, even if both of us know that I can’t pay for what they deserve, they’re still willing to work with me. two, looking for employees who has initiative at work, and to constantly look for them. The main features of

Beauty salon decoration design need to pay attention to these points

The ability of decoration design beauty salon is the test of a business, want to quickly capture the market, it would have to do a good job in every detail, first in the decoration will give a very comfortable feeling, people find everything fresh and new, successful people are able to attract consumers into the store. 1, improve the background of the beauty salon refers to the background conditions include: air quality, temperature, temperature, ventilation, noise, atmosphere and cleanliness. This is the beauty salon must first improve the conditions. 2 and optimization design design factor is the customer most perceptible stimulus, helps to cultivate the positive feelings of customers, to encourage them to take the approach has great potential competition behavior. The design factors are divided into two types: aesthetic factors and functional factors. a.  good aesthetic factors: The design of the decoration

Brand kindergarten needs to consider these three points

investment early education market has a wealth of return, which makes a lot of entrepreneurs also want to participate in the hearts of a piece of cake to participate in the selection of early start to join the brand. So, how to choose the kindergarten to join the brand investment, the choice of brand kindergarten to consider what factors, let us look at the following. investment to join the brand choice of the kindergarten should consider the following factors: 1, whether the brand advantage. Early development of the education market gradually mature, on the one hand to join the chain to become the main way for the development of early education enterprises, on the other hand, consumers are increasingly high awareness of the brand. Therefore, the choice of mature well-known brands, both to ensure standardization, high-quality education services, but also to reduce advertising costs. 2, whether a professional, independent teaching and research team. The steady development of educational services can not be separated from the strong support of teaching research. Only professional, complete, high-quality education and teaching system, and constantly optimize the upgrading of the curriculum, is the driving force for sustainable development of early childhood education. 3, whether with a scientific, standardized and mature supervision system. Park is different from the direct camp Park, only a scientific and standardized supervision system to ensure the strict implementation of the operating system standards and business models do not copy the deformation.

In the first half of the province’s urban and rural residents network consumption 147 million yuan

with the rapid development of the country’s e-commerce and the "express delivery to the countryside" project of the gradual implementation of the province’s urban and rural residents in the network of consumer spending increased year by year. The household survey data NBS Survey Office in Qinghai recently released show that the first half of 2016, the province’s urban and rural residents through the Internet to buy goods and services spending reached 147 million yuan, an increase of 17.6%. Among them, the urban residents spending 130 million yuan, an increase of 7.6%, accounting for 88.4% of rural residents spending $17 million, an increase of 3.2 times, accounting for 11.6%. Urban and rural network consumption expenditure ratio (1 in rural areas): 7.6: 1. from the province’s consumer spending accounted for the proportion of consumer spending, urban residents accounted for 0.5%, rural residents accounted for 0.1%, are at a low level, the future of urban and rural residents in our province has considerable potential for network consumption.  

Province in 2016 the implementation of agricultural and animal husbandry insurance program released

recently, the Qinghai Province in 2016 the implementation of agricultural and animal husbandry insurance program officially issued. "Plan", the government continued to increase agricultural insurance support, financial departments at all levels of agricultural insurance premium subsidies plan an increase of 31.4%, and the amount of insurance cows from 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan, 5 animal husbandry County 2 million 40 thousand Tibet sheep and 986 thousand yaks are insurance. Based in close connection with the face of our province agriculture and animal husbandry production, disaster risk insurance needs of farmers and herdsmen and agricultural insurance in recent years working practice, "plan" in accordance with the principle of "low security, wide coverage, to ensure the continued expansion and renewal", the government continued to increase agricultural insurance support. Driven by the government’s financial subsidies to support the policy, the province’s agricultural and pastoral areas to further reduce the risk of effective dispersion. Among them, the field crop insurance coverage plans to grow by 33.3%, the amount of risk protection amounted to $1 billion 33 million; aquaculture insurance coverage plans to grow by 38.8%, the amount of risk protection amounted to $2 billion 845 million. in addition, after the overall consideration of the costs and risks of demand in our province dairy farming, "plan" will be the amount of insurance cows from 4000 yuan to 10000 yuan, to further meet the needs of the dairy farmers risk protection. According to the characteristics of the development of animal husbandry in Tibetan Yak and Tibetan sheep insurance early in the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Henan County, Zeku County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Zhidoi county animal husbandry county to carry out three characteristics on the basis of 2016 will Yushu, Chengduo county and the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Dulan County into the underwriting range. Because it is to take the whole county unified insurance way, therefore, the 5 animal husbandry County 2 million 40 thousand Tibet sheep and 986 thousand yaks have insurance, in the event of snow, frost and other natural disasters and diseases, epidemics, and wolves harm risk accident, farmers can get a certain loss compensation the degree of.  

Xining 2015 key projects and private enterprises and the recruitment of college graduates to start a

in order to give full play to the role of private enterprises to absorb employment, promote the employment of all types of job seekers. Recently, in 2015 the focus of key projects and private enterprises recruitment week and college graduates employment fair officially launched. Presents three characteristics: is a from the types of jobs, although affected by the pressure of the economic downturn, the recruitment will provide jobs for more than 325 enterprises to increase, an increase of more than 3400 jobs, an increase of 62%; the job involves administrative management, financial economics, mechanical manufacturing, animal and plant protection, biomedical science, economic management, social services such as job types and types of more than 100. two is from the type of employment, marketing, engineering and construction, machinery manufacturing and other ordinary jobs still occupy the main body, network marketing and other new jobs increased significantly, both for college graduates, but also suitable for various types of urban unemployment and labor employment in agricultural and pastoral areas. three is from the salary, job seekers increased the salary and social insurance expectations, the recruitment of more than 70% of job seekers salary expectations in more than 2500 yuan, a year earlier than the 10%-15% growth, but most enterprise salary increases and social insurance is not up to the expectation of job seekers, structural contradictions employment is still outstanding. The recruitment activities of a total of 402 home units to participate in providing employment positions of the 10369, to reach the employment intention of the 2511.  

Xining urban and Rural Planning Bureau to carry out a hundred enterprises hundred joint village acti

According to "Qinghai Province on the" hundred enterprises hundred villages implementation plan "requirements in our province, Xining Urban Planning Bureau attaches great importance to the organization held a special meeting, set up a" hundred enterprises Union hundred villages "assistance activities leading group, and in accordance with the guidelines and overall objectives, the main task. A detailed deployment, in accordance with the party organization with the plan, Huangyuan County Shen Zhong Xiang is my bureau Juzhu enterprises in Xining City Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Hui linking point helping object according to the "Qinghai Province on the" hundred enterprises hundred villages implementation plan "requirements in our province, Xining Urban Planning Bureau attaches great importance to the organization held a special meeting, set up a" hundred enterprises Union hundred villages "assistance activities leading group, and in accordance with the guidelines and overall objectives, the main task. A detailed deployment, in accordance with the party organization with the plan, Huangyuan County Shen Zhong Xiang is my bureau Juzhu enterprises in Xining City Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Hui linking point helping object. After the City mobilization meeting, in accordance with the implementation of the "hundred enterprises Union hundred villages activity plan" requirements, the company to raise funds for the masses, Shen Zhong Xiang do practical, problem-solving things. At present, the village has been applied to the village of Huangyuan County, the village of about 400 meters to build a landscape wall, the installation of the door of the 15 sets. The entire project is expected to invest 220 thousand yuan, has started construction in May 25th, has now completed the landscape wall, wall masonry and door installation is in progress, is expected by the end of July delivery. Through the implementation of the project, effectively reflects the company’s return on social practice and social responsibility, improve the company’s full participation and support to promote the enthusiasm of the new rural construction.   ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­                 ­ ­                 ——————————————————————————————————————————-

Shanghai and other places in the land auction fiery

land as the government to control the state-owned resources, due to the needs of urban development, often in a certain period of time, will be for specific needs, thus selling the land to developers for developers. Recently, a land use rights auction in Shanghai once again ignited the local property market. Hongkou District, Liangcheng, new village street 073-06 plots of land use rights, the new town real estate to 3 billion 700 million yuan price won, becoming the new king of Hongkou". The following and small series of specific understanding, Shanghai and other places of land auction fiery phenomenon. in addition to the local Shanghai, due to price regulation "Shanghai municipal government had issued the Shanghai nine", Suzhou, Jiaxing city and its surrounding property prices have continued to gain the momentum. In July 15th, on the second day of the Shanghai Hongkou auction, the neighboring city of Suzhou in Kunshan held the first auction of land use rights since 2016, the auction will also refresh the Kunshan floor price record, the premium rate, the birth of new local "the most expensive land". 7 17 April, Shanghai E-House real estate institute director Yan Yuejin told reporters, with the purchase of Shanghai policy tightening effect will continue to release, there is an obvious spillover demand may follow on the whole, it also has positive implications for housing prices to get to it. – Kunshan to shoot the four new records of is not the land, is physical!" July 15th, held in Kunshan this year, the first auction of land use rights, there are real estate developers to ridicule this time-consuming 12 hours of activity. in the early stage after the land auction, 2-2 plots and 2-6 plots of gold Road East Street has exceeded the highest price stipulated by the government, the final "fuse" liupai. In addition to these two plots, the site of the 6 pieces of land are not limited, there are starting price of more than 5 yuan / square meter on the 10 thousand. Because the control is not affected by the presence of the price, Huarun, green, Vanke and other real estate developers to "look at fiercely as a tiger does 6 pieces of land". the 6 pieces of land are mainly concentrated in the Kunshan Development Zone, Huaqiao Development Zone, which is the core area of Huaqiao in the auction site. final, Suzhou Xiangyu to total 4 billion 407 million yuan competition got Huaqiao 2-3 residential plots, the floor price of 17480 yuan / square meters, the premium rate as high as 206.67%, a record Kunshan land price, total price, the floor price and the premium rate; and the other one is also located in Huaqiao 2-1 residential plots are auspicious real estate to 3 billion 90 million yuan won, the floor price of 14200 yuan / square meters, the premium rate of 179.21%. and Rongxing real estate to the market price of 136 million yuan / square meter under the Kunshan development recommendation

Catering franchise business skills, advanced articles

food and beverage franchise industry development characteristics are easy entry, proficiency is difficult, but I do not know how many restaurants are due to the lack of shops operating skills, will be opened in a year or so closed down. In order to break the bottleneck, good development and operation, we must have a good management, and management. Venture food restaurant franchise, in the daily operation of a lot of problems worth thinking about, and also need to pay attention to, only in this way can make better join the project development. one, break the cognitive barrier this is the first "bank", is the key to the survival of a single store. It depends on the store catering to join can quickly establish reputation, can earn popularity, more important skill is to make money. To this end, as far as possible to allow potential consumers to try, and let more consumers become repeat customers, it becomes the key to break the cognitive barrier. two, breaking the barriers to competition once you make money, someone will copy, because the market is open. So, this store is very easy to meet the competitor, then, "is it easy to imitate others, whether can continue operation" has become the second hom". when a food store after the success of many operators love through price increases to obtain higher returns, but did not consider to get more market share through the store expansion, resulting in the tourist community store is not stable, unable to form an effective repeat, not to mention the regulars. Because repeat customers and frequent customers or effective skills to deal with competitors. Of course, it is impossible not to encounter strong competition before success. Only their own unique things, in order to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage, which also requires that, if you want to carry out chain expansion, restaurant chain store operations must be continuous improvement and continuous improvement is essential. three, to achieve sustainable operation Once stores can win in competition, have the opportunity to continue operations, will be gradually taken catering to join store, see the broader market, and continued operation of the store, to provide capital, talent and technology to support the rapid expansion. but can not rely on the continued operation of one or two personnel to maintain, more important is to institutionalize and standardize the operation, because the consideration is not a catering franchise operation, or a wide area within the scope of the operation, to take into account the expansion and development. Therefore, how to process management, production technology, innovation, etc. there are kitchen dishes collocation technical knowledge in fixed form a copy of the system, knowledge and technology system, is the key to continuing operations. >

This form of food and beverage is quietly occupied fast food market

some time ago Kentucky emerge in an endless stream of health problems, because food safety is one of the topic of concern, so there will be a health problem such a serious blow to the fast food industry, leading to a foreign fast food brand sales decline is large, in this form, a new form of food and beverage are now increasingly eroded the fast food market, the is the supermarket catering. according to relevant data, from the beginning of 2008, the sale of food and semi-finished food stores, supermarkets and supermarket formats in this category has nearly 30% of the growth performance. Instant food these supermarkets, not only provide specialized experience good dining area, even the menu are custom chef. Will not be a trend in the future of China’s catering industry will become one of the biggest competitors in the fast food industry we can make nothing of it this good case, catering to introduce a representative of American supermarket Catering: wfmi’s 365 brands; hope to bring some enlightenment to all business. positioning: 18~34 year old young man 365 is the largest organic whole foods supermarket whole foods market’s low-cost sub brand, currently has two branches, one in Losangeles, one in Oregon, Viggo lake, third stores will be opened in Seattle in September 14th. 365 supermarket for customer groups are young people aged 18~34, this part of the group of ingredients is relatively high, they love health and natural food, love fashion dining family, and hope the price is cheap enough. for the needs of young people, 365 supermarket is how to please the young people do? dishes: rich and convenient, cheap 365 supermarket, in addition to supply of natural organic ingredients, can also provide self-service enough to buy the instant food and semi-finished food, and even open the name "Alai gro coffee shop," customers in the coffee shop not only can gro Alai buy coffee, also can buy beer and Wine. In addition, in order to cater to the young people’s spending habits, 365 supermarkets in the shops are set up four drinks sales area, a total of more than 400 kinds, and below the $20 price of a single product sales. on the surface, 365 supermarket just whole foods market for low-end consumer market launch of the sub brand, category selection is not so much the price a lot cheaper, the relative area is not so big, but the Deli in the area has increased the proportion of them.

Five projects suitable for women entrepreneurship inventory

women are no longer put all his family and closely tied together, entrepreneurship has become one of the choice of occupation women respond to future editorial recommendation several very suitable for women entrepreneurship, let’s take a look. suitable for women entrepreneurship education courses: if your education is not low, can open a training class, this woman is very appropriate, because now the education of every family, are very important, and the woman’s patience is better than men, so do women education is very suitable, but these are only for part of the crowd no, some patient or women may not be appropriate. for women business items: milk bar

Time to join Wanda fruit full advantage

as everyone knows, modern people love delicate drinks when watching movies eating, now fashionable drinks is everyone’s love, drink healthy and nutritious fruit time Wanda flagship, so that people are very optimistic about. joined Wanda fruit time, headquarters will offer 360° support; nanny, allows you to quickly set up shop, easy start, simple profit. Wanda fruit time, diversity of products, rich taste, fashion leisure choice. fruit (fresh time) Wanda time is the most fresh, unique brand, development is very good, is to join the small investment is your investment choice, is safe and reliable for consumers love, the current beverage market, our time is fresh Wanda consumer trust, I recommend investors to choose Wanda fruit time to join, we will together with you the investment to make money together. Wanda fruit time is a very popular brand, the taste is very outstanding, in the current market is very welcome! Now you join Wanda fruit time, little investment, will be able to get more resources and immediately join the advantage in the market, act now, Wanda fruit time website sincerely welcome you join ! Fresh taste of is now a popular time with Wanda Wanda fruit, fruit and time in the market constantly popular, Wanda fruit time has won the hearts of the people, is a good choice for venture capital.

Pet store to open what to pay attention to

The pet store is a good investment projects, but the pet store brands, to choose a good brand items, so as to obtain good investment benefits, want a better business, open pet stores should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian introduced. 1. look at the impact of brand investors chose to join the chain brand, to a large extent, is a strong influence on the brand. Pet store to open what to pay attention to? In the service industry such as pet, if it is a person to create a brand, it is not only time-consuming and laborious, and almost impossible. Now in this era of consumer brands, consumers are willing to try a few unheard of brand, if it is directly join the grace of such well-known brand, will undoubtedly bring more consumers for investors. 2. look at the brand goods open pet store to pay attention to what? In the pet industry, technology and goods is undoubtedly the two pillars, the technology can continue to learn and practice, but the goods must be eliminated. And a pet store to join the brand can get the recognition of investors, largely due to the quality of goods is excellent, high profit, whether it is suitable for the current pet market. 3. look brand service on the pet shop to join the brand service, mainly divided into service and after-sales service, investors must pay more attention not to be ignored. Pet store to open what to pay attention to? Join the service, including investment survey, store location, technical training, product delivery, business guidance, etc., including the main business guidance, including investment in all aspects of the pet shop. A full range of services to join, not only to help investors save time and effort, a reasonable investment can make money better. The above is about to open pet store join matters to note, I hope everyone in this regard to a lot of attention, only choose a good brand items, so that we can better shop business, entrepreneurs want, come! related recommendations

How to build the strength of the toy store sales team

toy is a child can not lack of playmates, is very important, but also very good in the contemporary business, in the early days, most of the owner is to rely on their own to do sales, is a person can only play the leading role, to earn a profit. However, with the increase in the size of the store, you need excellent sales staff to help. Open a toy store is also the case, when the scale reaches a certain level, as the owner will quit a good management model to promote team sales. toy sales should have clear objectives how to open a toy store? Toy store in order to build a strong sales team, first of all, according to the specific circumstances of the toy store for all sales staff to set a general goal, such as sales growth of 10%. After the end of goal setting, but also set a goal for each employee, the goal should be quantified as far as possible, can not but also practical, ready to accept either course, if the sales season, sales volume can make new tasks based on past sales, by decomposing the large toy sales target, make your sales each team members all have a bill. With a clear and feasible goal is only a small step to win, the next job is to sell the key aspects of the implementation of management and control. to implement a sound and effective sales management and training how to open a toy store? Toy store owner in toy sales in the role is very important, because at any time he wants to adjust the sales line to ensure the direction of the sales team is right at the same time, the toy owner also to train the toy sales team members, let him be able to master a correct and effective ways and means to retain customers, so as to improve the sales performance. of the sales team, improve the main content including sales management effectively has sales: one day after the completion of the work, summed up the problems in the sales process; make sales experience exchange experiences, members of the sales team, so can we progress together. At the same time to do the sales team management, the owner should know and be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each member of his personal ability and business solutions to the toy store loyalty, to members of the mental work, strengthen team cohesion, cohesion. proper reward as the care of the staff, to the sales team members of the appropriate incentives to build a strong sales team is an important part. Everyone has different needs in life and work. If the person in charge of the toy store can meet the different needs of your sales team at the right time, you will be able to mobilize the enthusiasm of his work. establish a perfect sales system how to open a toy store? Recommended pin

Deaf youth life to reverse the unremitting self-improvement

business every day in the interpretation of every hue story, many of which are touched countless people, and the amazing perseverance of deaf youth is how to achieve counter attack, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. in Nanjing Xinjiekou Liuzhou station building 16 floor office, "he Liu design studio" seven characters appear in the author’s eyes, a long white clean young guy is back to the window, click on the hands of the mouse. He is the owner of this design studio. From a deaf mute to college students, and then become a successful business design studio boss, with this 54 square meters of office, he has become a legend.