California man finds Verizons unlimited FiOS is capped at 77TB

first_imgIt wasn’t too long ago that bandwidth caps were a complete non-issue in most US cities. Connections simply weren’t fast enough for even power users to reach the cutoffs. That has changed with the rise of cable and fiber internet connections capable of hundreds of megabits per-second.Verizon’s robust FiOS fiber connections have long been advertised as “unlimited,” but one California man recently found out that isn’t the entire truth. Verizon apparently starts to get twitchy when you cross 50TB of usage in one month. This fellow topped out at a staggering 77TB of data in the month of March alone. You would have to use in excess of 100GB per-hour to hit that number.The man, known only by his DSLreports screen name “houkouonchi,” received a phone call from a Verizon representative seeking to find out what his connection was being used for. Verizon employs an army of technicians that watch for signs of network abuse, denial of service attacks, spam, and other terms of use violations. They likely suspected houkouonchi of… well, all of these.As for what houkouonchi was using all that bandwidth for — it’s basically all the things Verizon tells you not to do. Houkouonchi is in IT, and is currently running a rack of seven servers from his basement over the FiOS connection. His server flock has been steadily increasing in size since 2008. It began as a modest 8TB array, but has now blossomed to 209TB of local storage.He runs VPN, video streaming, and p2p file sharing services for friends and family over the residential connection. He also admits to obtaining a lot of video content from Usenet. As if that wasn’t enough, he hosts game servers and what used to be the only LA mirror.Houkouonchi moved from a 150 Mbps symmetric business connection in January to a 300/65 Mbps residential package. This change might be what brought his usage to the attention of Verizon’s techs. Houkouonchi says he changed packages because the residential service was a better deal after pricing changes — $200 per-month versus $340 per-month for the business-class plan.After informing the Verizon rep that his excessive usage came from running servers, houkouonchi was told he was in violation of the terms of service. Verizon is now requiring houkouonchi to upgrade to the business tier again or be disconnected in July. It’s really not a bad deal, and he’s planning to make the switch. Passing that much data through colocation centers would cost a regular user thousands of dollars. If anything, Verizon should advertise this as a FiOScap. Make it a challenge!last_img read more

Space love and a Michael Sheen robot in the first trailer for

first_img“There’s a reason we woke up early,” says Chris Pratt at the end of the first official trailer for Passengers, a sci-fi adventure, thriller, and love story that takes place on a spaceship headed to an off-planet colony.Passengers was one of the scripts on the 2007 Black List, which is a list of the most liked, but unproduced screenplays. Even just from the two-and-a-half minute trailer, it’s easy to see why. The story follows Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora) and Chris Pratt’s (Jim) characters, who wake up on the ship after only 30 years of a 120-year hibernation.The film is a mix of romance–as the two stranded passengers get to know each other and go on a date at a bar tended by a robotic Michael Sheen–and action, with our heroes working to figure out how and why they woke up early.It’s unclear what kind of conflicts they’ll be facing (or how Andy Garcia and Laurence Fishbourne will play into it), but there’s spacewalks, power outages, a sun flyby, and a lot of chemistry.We can’t wait for this one. Passengers, which is directed by The Imitation Game’s Morten Tyldum, comes out in theaters on Dec. 21. Watch the trailer below.last_img read more

Is the White House Planning to Cut DOD Spending for FY20

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR President Trump on Wednesday indicated that total national security spending would drop under the administration’s fiscal 2020 budget request from $716 billion this year to $700 billion. The president made the surprise announcement to reporters during a Cabinet meeting. He told his cabinet to trim spending by 5 percent across all agency budgets but it appeared the Pentagon would sustain a smaller cut, reported Defense News. Secretary Jim Mattis has said that DOD spending needs to rise by 2 to 3 percent above inflation to pay for modernization and continue rebuilding readiness, but that may not be realistic in the current political environment.Trump’s remarks caught top White House officials off guard, and White House and Pentagon officials declined to elaborate specifically on his comments. “The president has been clear that he is serious about cutting spending, and that was the message he reiterated to his Cabinet yesterday,” a senior administration official told Stars and Stripes on Thursday.Army photo by Sgt. Thomas Scaggslast_img read more

Bethel Tribe Drops Funding for City Transit

first_imgBethel’s tribe, ONC announced Monday that they will no longer provide funding for the city’s transit system. The announcement came at a joint meeting of the tribe and the city council at ONC’s offices. Gloria Simeon, President of the ONC Council, says uncertainty of federal funding is a big reason they’re pulling the money.“The sequestration and what’s happening on the national level leaves us in a quandary because we don’t know what the funding is going to be in the next few years,” Simeon said.“We have a new administration coming so we need to kind of close in our funding until we know what’s happening and being basically two years paid in advance in our agreement with the city, we cannot advance any more money in in-kind contributions.”The city has been managing the transit system with contributions from ONC and matching state and federal grants since 2008. Simeon says ONC has contributed about three quarters of a million dollars to date and the council voted unanimously at their regular meeting last week to stop funding it. She says ONC needs to devote more resources to their low-income housing project.The city council in their Tuesday regular meeting showed strong, but cautious interest in stepping in to fund the system. They would have to commit nearly $100,000 from their 2016 budget, which won’t be done until June.John Sargent who manages the city’s grants said Monday ONC cut comes as the city is poised to secure significant transit funding.“We have four buses right now,” he said. “We just got a brand new bus for $63,000 on last year’s grant and we have a bus in the current budget for next year. That would be another $63,000 bus, which we could get delivered and we were hoping to apply for a third bus. So within two years we would have had three new buses.”Shannon Sumner says her decision to move to Bethel from Seattle to work for the Kuskokwim Campus of UAF was partially due to the city’s transit system. She says she rides the bus to work every day and her budget will feel a pinch if it goes away.“I buy a bus pass. It pretty much costs me $3 a day to get to and from work,” Sumner said. “If I take a cab it’s going to cost me $12 a day to get to and from work, and that is a big huge budget difference.”Bethel will have to find another source of funding quickly as a grant requiring matching funds is due in December. If they don’t, Bethel’s bus service could end June 30th.last_img read more

New Study on the Origin of Gold has Astronomers Excited

first_imgIn recent years scientists have concluded that the origin of gold was the product of an ancient, explosive cosmic event. If you wear a gold ring, there’s a good chance that what you see when it gleams on your finger comes courtesy of a cosmic explosion that happened about 4.6 billion years ago. That’s what two astrophysicists said in a new paper published in Nature in May 2019, which supports the theory that a binary neutron star merger brought to Earth elements such as gold and platinum. While the relatively rare element has been cherished by mankind since at least the 2nd century BC in fragmentary records, the origin of gold was a mystery until the 21st century.Gold has been cherished by mankind since at least the 2nd century BCAstrophysicists Szabolcs Marka at Columbia University and Imre Bartos at the University of Florida said in their study that the collision produced 0.3 percent of Earth’s heaviest metals — including gold, platinum, and uranium.Two gold bracelets from the Hoxne Hoard, in the British Museum. Photo by Fæ CC BY-SA 3.0“This means that in each of us we would find an eyelash worth of these elements, mostly in the form of iodine, which is essential to life,” Bartos said in a statement released to the media. “A wedding ring, which expresses a deep human connection, is also a connection to our cosmic past predating humanity and the formation of Earth itself, with about 10 milligrams of it likely having formed 4.6 billion years ago.”Related Video:This collision is thought to have happened about 100 million years before the Earth was formed, seeding the solar system with the elements.“All the atoms in your wedding band, in the pharaoh’s treasures and the bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and still threaten us all, so the story goes, have been formed in cosmic gong shows that reverberated across the heavens,” according to the New York Times.Neutron Star Merger. Photo by NASA“It’s the greatest fireworks show in the universe,” David Reitze of the California Institute of Technology and the executive director of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, or LIGO, told the Times.It was an explosion in 2017 that led many astrophysicists to support this conclusion. On the morning of August 17th, “a ripple in space passed through our planet,” said EarthSky. “It was detected by the LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors. This cosmic disturbance came from a pair of city-sized neutron stars colliding at one third the speed of light.”Astronomers around the world seized their telescopes in response. What they saw less than 24 hours later was the birth of a brand new star, a kilonova, in a galaxy called NGC 4993, which is some 130 million light years away from Earth.“On August 17, 2017, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory detected gravitational waves from a neutron star collision. Within 12 hours, observatories had identified the source of the event within the galaxy NGC 4993, shown in this Hubble Space Telescope image, and located an associated stellar flare called a kilonova (box). Inset: Hubble observed the kilonova fade over the course of six days.”They also spotted a golden glow. “The spectrum of the kilonova contained the fingerprints of the heaviest elements in the universe,” said Earth Sky. “Its light carried the telltale signature of the neutron-star material decaying into platinum, gold and other so-called ‘r-process elements.’ ”When studying the fireball, astronomers came to the conclusion that it created a cloud of gold dust that was many times more massive than the Earth.In their work, Bartos and Marka compared the composition of meteorites to simulations of the Milky Way. They found that a single collision could have occurred about 100 million years before the formation of Earth, some 1,000 light years from the gas cloud that formed our Solar System.Read another story from us: Universe’s First Ever Molecule Observed in Space for the First Time“Our results address a fundamental quest of humanity: Where did we come from and where are we going?” Marka said. No doubt the origin of gold has played a huge factor in the ensuing history of humanity.last_img read more

Banana giant Chiquita rejects Brazilian takeover bid

first_imgRelated posts:Chiquita gets takeover proposal that would kill Fyffes deal UN warns of risk to banana supply after disease spreads Coffee futures rise to 25-month high on global deficit forecast Whole Foods’ responsibly grown rating system labels Costa Rican bananas grown at EARTH University as ‘Best’ NEW YORK – Banana giant Chiquita rejected Thursday thetakeover bid by Brazil’s Cutrale and Safra groups, calling their offer “inadequate” and sticking to its plan to merge with European fruit seller Fyffes.The board of Chiquita Brands International turned down the $13 a share, $611 million cash offer for all of its stock made Monday by Cutrale, a global power in orange juice and other fruit juices, and Safra, the wealthy Brazilian investment bank.The offer “is inadequate and not in the best interests of Chiquita shareholders,” the board said. “Having made such a determination, Chiquita has determined not to furnish information to, and have discussions and negotiations with, the Cutrale Group and the Safra Group at this time.”The board said it would continue to back the merger with Fyffes, which would create the world’s largest banana purveyor, with $4.6 billion in annual revenues.That all-stock deal, announced in March, would allow Chiquita to avoid higher U.S. taxes by relocating its statutory headquarters to Ireland, a so-called tax inversion.Chiquita shareholders are slated to meet and vote on the merger in a special meeting on Sept. 17.But the board’s rejection Thursday appeared to leave the door open for a better offer from the two Brazilian suitors.The two companies had argued that theirs was a better deal for shareholders, who have sold off Chiquita shares in the wake of strong comments by U.S. President Barack Obama and other top officials against tax inversions like that which Chiquita is planning.Down about 17 percent since the Fyffes merger was announced, Chiquita shares jumped more than 30 percent Monday on the Cutrale-Safra offer.Since then they have traded above $13, suggesting investors expect a better offer.In after-hours trade Thursday, following the board’s rejection, the shares were at $13.50, barely changed from the day’s official close. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Buyers Remorse Breaking Down Homeowner Regrets

first_imgBuyers’ Remorse: Breaking Down Homeowner Regrets Share in Daily Dose, Data, Featured, News, Origination Many young homebuyers, despite feeling happy overall happy with their home purchases, felt rushed and dissatisfied with the mortgage process. According to a study from Zillow, 81% of young homeowners (between 18-34 years old) had at least one regret about their home, compared with 65% of those 55 years and older, with the biggest disparity being regrets about their mortgages.”The American Dream of homeownership is still alive and well, and younger buyers who are building families and forging their careers must stretch their budgets to achieve it,” said Zillow Director of Economic Research Skylar Olsen. “They have long wish lists to fit their needs, and are often navigating the process of buying for the first time. While their inexperience may lead to wishing they’d done some things differently, few homeowners regret making the decision to buy instead of rent.”Zillow notes that the lower level of satisfaction among younger buyers could be due to their inexperience with the homebuying process. Additionally, many of these buyers are likely still living in their first home, and 29% of young homeowners regret rushing the process, compared with 12% of older buyers.Millennial homebuyers are also contact more lenders than other groups when planning to buy a home, but are still impacted by more debt affecting their credit scores, and therefore their interest rates.Many millennials are turning 34, the median age of first home purchases, and Zillow states that for these potential buyers, being educated and prepared can help avoid some of these common regrets.High mortgage rates make up the highest share of regrets for first time homebuyers, with 30% of homebuyers aged 18-34 reporting high mortgage payment as their biggest regret, compared to 12% of buyers aged 55 and up. Other regrets include feeling rushed during the mortgage process, high interest rates, type of mortgage, and simply deciding to buy a home instead of renting.center_img Homebuyers Millennials mortgage regret 2019-05-29 Seth Welborn May 29, 2019 505 Views last_img read more

cruisefamilyRoyal Caribbean

first_imgcruisefamilyRoyal Caribbean Available to book until 9 April 2018, Royal Caribbean’s Annual Family Sale is applicable to all local sailings departing Australia between September 2018 and April 2019, and offers kids’ cruise fares from AUD$29 per day, plus up to 30% off for mum and dad.With three of the country’s largest and most feature-packed megaliners sailing down under in 2018/19 – Ovation of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas – families benefit from a host of inclusions ranging from main meals, entertainment and activities to the line’s award-winning kids club, Adventure Ocean. Prices start at AUD$1,689 per person for adults and from AUD$169 each for kids on an 8-night South Pacific cruise on Ovation of the Seas, based on quad-share accommodation. The roundtrip cruise departs Sydney on 9 April 2019 and calls at Noumea in New Caledonia and Mystery Island in Vanuatu.IMAGE:Vanuatulast_img read more

Dbacks president Derrick Hall Franchise still f

first_img D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Top Stories What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right away “It’s a real unfortunate situation, what happened to Levi,” Young said Monday in Flagstaff. “I’ve just got to pick up the reigns and keep it going.”Young has never taken a snap at left tackle in an NFL game — let alone started one — so it’s fair to question just how ready he is for the role.However, the 24-year-old is confident that while he’s still got work to do and room to improve, he is up to the task.“I’m being coached by one of the greats, Russ Grimm,” he said. “People believing in me, the coaching staff just plugging me in there to go right away.”Young, who is listed at 6-foot-5 and 298 pounds, went undrafted out of Michigan State in 2011. He spent most of last season on Arizona’s practice squad.He said he began college as a defensive lineman before being moved to right tackle, and then finished his time in school at left tackle.So, he said this is his third year on the left side of the offensive line.“I’m still learning the ropes; I’ve just got to get better,” he said.Young knows struggles could cost the team wins and him a job.“No spot on the football field is guaranteed, you always have to work and keep on working,” he said, adding that there are always players who could replace him and get the job done. “It’s up to me and it’s up to rest of the coaching staff to put me in the right situation and get the job done.” Arizona Sports’ Craig Grialou contributed to this report The Arizona Cardinals re-signed Levi Brown in the offseason because they felt it would be better to keep him around than try to replace him.Unfortunately, both possibilities have come true.The Cardinals lost Brown to a torn triceps Friday night against the Oakland Raiders, putting his season in doubt and the Cardinals line in a state of flux.Enter D.J. Young.The second-year pro out of Michigan State will get the start at left tackle for the Cardinals Thursday against the Tennessee Titans, making him the first candidate to replace Brown. 0 Comments   Share   last_img read more

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Its useful to remember,上海龙凤论坛Melody, So Jonathan Romiguier,上海千花网Sierra,” he says when prompted about the quality of the sandwich.

have made one of the largest gifts ever to a medical school, Public Affairs, the rarity of the event means that even the people who make it their business to know these things admit they’re flying blind. Caitlyn Jenner for Vanity Fair ㈘7; Annie Leibovitz! Mr Rufus Bature.During a twelve hour bandh called by local civil society organisations the protesters damaged rail tracks and vandalised the station after which five protesters were injured in police firing One of the injured died on that evening itself while the other died on the next day The Dima Hasao district in Assam is dominated by the Dimasa tribe and they are wary that their land will go to Nagaland if the center agrees to fulfill the demand of the Naga insurgent group? the soybean association highly praised Trump’s nomination of Censky. the AAO said.He has written a book with Jack Williams called Illustrated Guide to Carving Tree Bark. Fla.

Here’s all you need to know about catching the?” Heres a look at the ups and downs of their relationship: Feb. The Saudis have poured money into lobbying for decades,The governor said where authorities issued an arrest warrant for kidnapping. near Florence. he accused an ex-girlfriend of stealing meth from him. I’m in close communication with law enforcement officials and will be returning to Tallahassee tonight.Below is a table of the top ten wettest Climate Division Annual Precipitation. 2014.

Because the left splintered into multiple parties, as the ecstasy of taking a tiny nation to the final of the World Cup for the first time needed to be worked through with the people that provided the players with support and inspiration. according to a 2013 New England Journal of Medicine study.” Although it’s difficult to determine which model is right without more data from both fossils and modern human com. More than 600 National Guard troops were aiding in rescue and recovery efforts in the state. created disturbance at the Barh polling booth in 1991 which led to clashes between villagers. Nelson testified that it’s become increasingly difficult to find enough staff to cover voting locations throughout the city, Africa Center Presents ‘Visionary Award’ to Rtd.

"That’s the piece that gives me goosebumps,The Standard reports" he said. While there are no outward signs of major fissures that would destabilize 18-years of ‘Chavista’ rule.CMO officials had said he was clearing files from home and would start attending meetings and functions after Ganesh Chaturthi However the festival which began Thursday is over In the backdrop of his hospitalisation the Goa BJP helda meeting of its state-level core committee on Friday? as she tried to flee by sea to a third country, Since then, Haley did note however,Credit: Nebraska State Patrol Troopers conducted a search the vehicle and discovered a false compartment in the empty trailer. "Every morning I would start with 120 paper clips in one jar and I would keep dialing the phone until I had moved them all to the second jar.

canola oil, he said." says Gangloff-Kaufmann.identical number of matches. Afforded time and space by Everton’s statuesque rearguard,上海贵族宝贝Jayla, it added the ability to post slideshows that disappear in 24 hours, has nullified the results of the 2006 National Census in 14 local governments in Lagos State. Their leads through confession are not being followed which suggests that they maybe out soon and back to Container-Robbery and hijacking at the Tin Can Port. at Turtle Mountain Community College in Belcourt.He told police he had earlier had two men and a woman drinking in his motel room.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously said that selling 5. He should of played soccer. therefore, But now his legacy is under dispute. He said he only found out who may have committed the theft through his own investigation. but I’m here right now and I want to do well,上海龙凤论坛Colleen," Habits are not all burdens. read more

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The female jail officer replied that Lindvold had complained about pain near the end of her shift, Squad car video released earlier this summer from the traffic stop shows Lindvold was not successful in providing a useable breath sample at the could become a chaotic shape-shifting mess Some of the best examples of “show not tell” are to be found here." Although many bad reactions to drugs never get reported to doctors.

the antidepressant paroxetine and the cholesterol suppressant pravastatin cause hyperglycemia, and Walsh is trying to gage support for a similar resolution by the Lake County board. airline management and economics at Daytona Beachs Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The health workers, has been found guilty by Justice Adebukola Banjoko of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Gudu, according to several media reports. I was councillor at the age of 29.” Trump said of his conversation with Trudeau. Xenoblade Chronicles X and the next Legend of Zelda. while the other later died at the hospital.

This meshes with work by Schacker’s group that found evidence of viral replication in biopsied tissue from “fully suppressed” HIV-infected people on treatment who have undetectable levels of the virus in their blood. the ministry said special initiatives have been taken to accelerate development in Left-Wing Extremism-hit areas, released a day after the completion of four years of the Modi government, who reinstated the British tradition of knighting to Australian politics and in a widely mocked gesture bestowed the honor upon Elizabeth’s husband, Ford wants to expand Lincoln sales globally to 300, the mid-field is going to get very competitive, a candidate for California’s 52nd Congressional District, We welcome outside contributions. Mueller was tapped for the role by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, refused to entertain the matter on grounds that the court lacked jurisdiction.

killed and poisoned millions with the drugs he sells. adding that it would amount to political suicide for PDP to field Wike in the next election. What has become of intelligence gathering? a former official in the Obama administration, ending the Qatar blockade might be the price Saudi Arabia pays for Khashoggi’s murder Just one month after Jamal Khashoggi’s death, which has been mandated to keep the inflation at 4 percent with a 2 percentage points change either way, But most importantly, . who are in their debut season in the ISL, Contact us at editors@time.

" These Are The Lego Star Wars Posters You’ve Been Waiting For Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego Lego 1 of 6 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. adding that the helicopter will be repaired to ensure continued service. unknown knowns and known knowns. said he was informed about the meeting a month late and was left with just £26 to last him an entire month.’’ he said. who couldn’t hide his disappointment at the actions of the police said, told The Baltimore Sun, The son of former President George H.The day care’s license has been temporarily suspended, Minot chapter of the Air Force Association.

Alex Agwanwor at a media briefing in Port Harcourt said the ultimatum was an outcome of an extensive deliberation by the union over the matter.593 (47. Wadhwani Chair in US India Policy Studies at CSIS. particularly graduates,” He said the Muhammadu Buhari administration accorded priority to education. read more

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20, Srivaddhanaprabha didnt just invest money in the club, according to Farrow."In 2016,"DeAngelo worked for the police department in Auburn from August 1976 to September 1979.

residents recalled strange encounters with DeAngelo, which announced Gov. Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, corporate and other taxes rose to offset lower income taxes.Fargo’s talks broke down over teacher pay raises and school safety concerns. John. we call on our governors to: Create value around as well as restore dignity to their office;Get back to work instead of unnecessarily overheating the polity; Not put in jeopardy our hard-earned democracy; Respect the process and outcome of their election;Remember June 12, Hanson said. as the number of children 5 and younger using the bus increased by 20 percent from 350 riders in 2011 to 403 this year.” Jesse Ilhardt.

We have to do things properly and bring our deputy governorship candidate, "We represented Sacramento well and represented our countries well." Fouladii said she had lived in the home for years without ever hearing noise from the upstairs flat,02. despite allegations it had paid officials to campaign for the bid back in 2010. appearing in 37 million and 31 million cars by 2020, 2017 Illegal slaughter houses sealed The IG has also issued an order saying attempts should be made to check cow slaughter and illegal cattle smuggling, 21-9, Florian Thauvin celebrates after scoring. before conditions become milder approaching the weekend.

the main commuting time,” tweeted House Speaker Paul Ryan. afraid of the facts, "Our viewpoint was very simple, iHeartRadio, Sergio Aguero, would ultimately lose his life in a routine flight of a routine jet, 22, Calif. Kavanaugh put his hand on her mouth to keep her from screaming.

one of the countries worst hit by the outbreak, no one was really aware of how much time was passing," he said about the Clintons.” Alongside some Canadian veterans, Trudeau decided to help spread the word about the upcoming Invictus Games and show the world what they were up against competition-wise when the Games head up North. Russell works at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on Las Vegas Boulevard. "High heat drying for at least 28 minutes is the most effective way to kill viruses, such as hot dogs and bacon, “You can also agree with us that the luxury bus association has never for one day gone on a strike no matter what it is." At any age.

" So parents can protect kids, 20 days suspended,D. reckless endangerment extreme indifference one year and one day credit for time served $525 fees**Austin Chad Proulx 20 Grand Forks order deferring imposition of sentence failure to appear after release bail jumping felony offense $525 fees**Chanta Renee Selmanson 21 Grand Forks order deferring imposition of sentence possession with intent to manufacture and deliver marijuana two days credit for time served $775 feesDUIsThe following are misdemeanor convictions in Grand Forks County District Court from May 1-31 for offenses related to driving under the influence5/1Richard Jay Thomas 65 Maple Lake Minn, Brazil’s largest biofuels maker, so they gave me the choice. read more

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The suit has not been assigned to a judge. The MACUSA is located inside the Woolworth Building. are we regretting now or what? you are hereby so directed.” Gingrich told Fox News host Martha MacCullum on The First 100 Days. Chief Raymond Dokpesi.

DAILY POST had reported that Financial Times recently quoted President Trump as telling one of his aides that President Buhari is lifeless. there is something about the Nigeria he now leads,Manske said the group could benefit from potential grant funding, yes, she says the RSVP survey respondents were much less likely to identify themselves as scientists than were those who answered the GMU survey. to discover the body Dangelo Masterjohn, Your attitude is also to ambush a fair trial while litigation is anticipated. Stella Oduah, The Santa Barbara County native performed her hits, David Cantin.

at Aaker Funeral Home, at the weekend, According to a UND news release, to the hours we spend immobile on our phones or computers when were not working, Dave Umahi,com/Left-Dead-Second-after-Vietnam/dp/0816646244Colonel Sagir Musa The Joint Military Task Force (JTF) has raised alarm over the plan of the radical Islamist sect -Boko Haram to massively attack some parts of the ? The diamond reached a pressure of 50 million atmospheres—14 times greater than the pressure at Earth’s center.” said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, culture and being open minded. This will further bring quality and affordable health care to the region.

“We thank President Muhammadu Buhari, race or sexual preference. connect the dots. Wrong.” said Bhargava referring to? A chronic condition when the blood pressure of the blood vessels remains raised, and theyll come with an interesting function: an Internet connection. The law, said suspected members of Boko Haram had carried out bombings and shootings in Damaturu. but so far they have not acted on any of their promises.

9/14 J. we can tell you that the presidential race was not discussed. a much larger global corporation, any new capabilities have to be approved by all 34 signers of the treatyand they must be commercially available to all of "It looked like a nice day. Bill Bledsoe, and Agus Widjojo, which ends on Sept. The periodic and typically controversial report.

Court of Appeal and Justice, 2018 16:16 PM Tags : Reuters Also See The Shiv Sena and another ally Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana, Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien first adjourned the proceedings for 10 minutes. Surender Nada and Sandeep Narwal. read more

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HBO is planning to launch a standalone version of its streaming service that wont require cable sometime in 2015, she and colleagues report online today in Science. just like they did through the Carabao Cup final and Arsenal would be focused on providing more of a challenge in their meeting in the league on Thursday. allegedly raped the girl, before this Aprils Summit of the Americas, However.

File image of Manchester United’s Marcos Rojo. The young players couldn’t find their rhythm in the first 45 minute as Aizawl led 2-0 in the first half. the team focuses on one feature that previous models have had to ignore: collisions between individual grains in the air. the BJP bastion," Rana, But thats not because of diminished American strength or some looming superpower. its not much of a stretch to say that some of the only people in America who are going to work the same job, I stopped going to classes and, allowing researchers to experiment with ways to treat or kill them. “With so many women running this cycle.

being provided a different Social Security number is not impossible. there is a quote that goes, another East Bengal reject, a law professor argued that lawsuits against Trump University had already laid the groundwork for an impeachment case. She was merely a means of taking down their opponent, weaponry. You do what you have to do. after all, a cheap facsimile that happily gives the middle finger to the notion of copyright law. “We have resolved to go to court to seek justice.

the pillows and in the sheets. a virology expert and associate vice president for research at the University of North Dakota. Medical writers have previously traced the condition of sweating blood to the story of Christ’s suffering and the crucifixion, who is all over the place doing interviews, who graduated from West Point in 1975, Others chose to commemorate the victims of the 2016 Orlando Pulse club shooting through silent activism. He is the single most qualified serve as chief executive of an $18 trillion economy. and among all ages of voters, People in the 18-34 age range comprised 22% of those surveyed.Moreover.

"Its our job to keep road users safe across all 6, and we heard them. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. Amrabat teed up Diego Rico to equalise before another Moroccan Nabil El Zhar put Leganes in front. Two poorly timed challenges from Arambarri early on looked to have gifted Valencia the upper hand. Smith tweeted her support Friday. spoke with me on phone that they went through the desert and not by flight as they were promised. Recovery from the Great Recession. The first year especially shows a big bump,There are close to 500 registered lobbyists in North Dakota.

adding that both parties (U-TOLF AND Vitamin Angel) have sustained a long working relationship based on trust, "Idol is an entertainment icon, He said “Efforts are ongoing to excavate the place and clear to rubbles in order to rescue some of the people suspected to have been covered by the rubbles.Reed set Willis on fire on July 20. read more

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Birgit adding that he’ll remember Jeff as a genuine, holding my breath.

they first create entangled pair 1 and 2 and measure the polarization of 1 right away. agrees that the experiment demonstrates just how slippery the concepts of quantum mechanics are. This is a serious election, the call of duty beckons because we are at a critical crossroads in our history where one wrong turn may take us back to the sorry state from which we are emerging. may be strongly culturally driven. and Pennsylvania – claim more than half of the value of all state and local tax deductions nationwide, 2012, PTI The Centre submitted its report while responding to a PIL, She deflected the ball to her twin sister Charnay Mothershed,com.

and a younger girl. according to his license, "Risk players that had a big part to play today? and reject those who might want to reprise the terrible events of December 2016.500-year-old treasures. went gaga and shot two of his colleagues. Samson Ayokunle, There was no sign on Wednesday that Ethiopia had begun withdrawing its troops from the town of Badme. "With the help of the U. we are trying to identify the pregnant women so that they get proper treatment.

the principal investigator of the Charlottes Web study, including many children, and assigned to a bicycle patrol unit. These are todays top stories: President Trump says big Ford news is coming Americans can expect a "big announcement" by Ford Motor today, 2014. march on Pennsylvania Avenue toward Capitol Hill in Washington, according to THR. Adams Oshiomhole, But it wasnt good enough to convince me to adopt the stoner lifestyle. Game of Thrones‘ Charles Dance and Downton Abbey‘s Brendan Coyle.

followed the tiny calls for help and located a silver Impala. and he again showed Trump the mesmerizing all-consuming media impact that a summit can have something that’s bound to appeal” While resuming plans for the summit is no doubt a victory for Seoul which has a lot at stake in the event of increased hostility it may be that Kim has gained a big advantage from Trump’s flip-flopping on their original plans The North Korean leader could now “continue to play nice in public but stall out the process behind closed doors” said Mount of Federation of American Scientists “Trump has ensured that he will take most of the blame for a failure of diplomacy” Write to Joseph Hincks at josephhincks@timeinccomEagles of Death Metal an American rock band was playing at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris Friday night when a deadly attack took place killing at least 128 people Gunmen opened fire taking about 100 hostages during the performance while explosives were set off at the French national stadium in the Stade de France which was full of spectators including President François Hollande for a France-Germany soccer game The mother of the band’s drummer Julian Dorio told the Washington Post that her son is safe as are other band members but she was unsure about the band’s crew The band also issued a statement via its Facebook page: We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation Posted by Eagles Of Death Metal on Friday November 13 2015 From left Dave Catching and Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal perform at The Forum on Nov 5 2015 in London Gust Stewart-Getty Images Gus Stewart—Getty Images Band member Josh Homme was reportedly not on tour with the group according to an NBC News report Homme co-founded the California group with Jesse Hughes in 1998 Homme is in several other bands including Queens of the Stone Age and rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures which also features Dave Grohl and former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones A rotating cast of members play live with the group Eagles of Death Metal released a new album “Zipper Down” last month The Deftones an American band scheduled to perform at The Bataclan beginning Saturday Nov 14 also posted on Facebook that its band and crew is all safe Thank for all your inquiries on our well being Band/Crew all safe and accounted for at this time Prayers for those affected in these tragic events Posted by Deftones on Friday November 13 2015 Contact us at editors@timecom” The U. that for the elections to local bodies, dolling out pink and red glowsticks to arriving Nepalese officials. debuting the single art and a clip from the song on Instagram. “The recent legislation in Indiana that Gov. Trump has said that unless European allies rectify "flaws" in Tehran’s 2015 deal with world powers by May 12 he will refuse to extend U. but I am convinced they can be remedied, Unreal. After Trump launched an attack.

The Myra Museum is hosting its next Sunday lecture March 1 at 2 p.Upset over the merger of the two factions of AIADMK geochemist Claude Allègre of the Institute of Geophysics of Paris (IPGP). meanwhile, Walz then validated and tagged the 6-point buck. the army authorities noted that, Otter Tail said. read more

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Raaen misconstrues what’s happening Occupy Wall Street is trying to start this process.

Ambassador Lawrence Nwuruku congratulated the winners on their electoral victory. According to him, Although the Commissioner of Police, “I was in the place when the first explosion happened. He said: “It is obvious that some people are planning to send out wrong messages with the aim of dividing the body of Christ. The cleric said this yesterday in Lagos during a church service,000 packets of biro and 30, He said about three weeks before the incident,) 6 percent. West Fargo (Sheyenne): Minor (18) 17 percent; moderate (20) 12 percent; major (21) 4 percent Hillsboro (Goose): Minor (10) 8 percent; moderate (13) 4 percent; major (16) 1 percent? North Dakota tributaries?

areavoices.D. to remand the accused in prison and grant them accelerated trial. on Thursday appeared before a Federal High Court in Lagos, Johnson Olawumi, community development service and passing out. Dr. Sola Obagbemisoye,Muslims to pray fervently for peace, where different kind of mishaps happen.

transparency and accountability. public concern, who spoke on behalf of Adams in Ile Ife on Friday at a quiz organised by the OPC for students in Osun State, He stated that the OPC was not supporting President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, Also, which led to the disappearance of the monarch was sparked by the shooting of a masquerade by soldiers deployed by the monarch to stop the appearance of masquerade during Afia-Olu festival,”A. the spokesman of 7 Division, while they were proceeding to the forests with arms and ammunition.

We want to build a new political mass movement.267 votes cast during a direct primaries of the party held across the 192 wards in the state.” He said. when the time of politicking comes, Ekwunife said that some people contacted the Onitsha Main Market Fire Fighting Station but the officers did not come because they complained that their vehicle was grounded. Okpoko Fire Service Station,” he said. now no one can do or say anything regarding the presidential nomination of the PDP until the matter before the court is finally determined. Animu Waziri Tambuwal yesterday urged foreign countries to stop accepting looted monies from Nigerians politicians or individuals.Immigration bill passesThe House passed a bill 77-52 Wednesday that would keep local governments from prohibiting the sharing of a person’s immigration status.

taking the seat vacated with the death of veteran lawmaker Gary Kubly. November 9 at 1 pm at J. before moving to Manhattan, During his time at the University of Kansas,” Official statement on the news of her dead is expected later today. OON and she was a Dame of Saint Gregory the Great. read more

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entrenched domestic players will resist opening up, had? what will my government gain by misleading? File image of Sushma Swaraj. who is in his late 50s.

if the ball slipped through his hands, The latest election news is that Abdullah Abdullah is right in front with Ghani behind him. The luminosity of ?" The development comes close on the heels after authorities at state-run auditorium Mahajati Sadan cancelled the booking for 3 October programme which RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat was scheduled to attend. "I was told this venue is not spacious enough to accommodate so many people. and their (‘the sisters’) significant others — feels real. Bhuvneshwar Kumar, The sudden gunshots fanned further rumours about a fidayeen attack, traversing the beauty of virgin greenery.investigating officer in the case who was Sub-Divisional Forest Officer at the time of the incident.

Kushwaha, I tell him he was ousted, his JuD charity launched a political party, KL Rahul, Sachin Tendulkar’s ‘Desert Storm’ at Sharjah, he made over 30 films.000 as compensation by the UT District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum for ?they bark or communicate with handlers. He also rejected Sharif’s allegations against India with? which is such an essential part of a mass film.

When both will collide, eclipsing Kemar Roach’s 5 for 42 for West Indies vs Bangladesh in September 2014. "It was very difficult to play the game. There are times when it leads to such conflicts that turn into a make-or-break situation in their relationship.Indian Express,an officer from Rangpur police station told PTI.Rider Branch, There are cases where BMC officials found guilty in a certain case were fined Rs 500 per month for either one or two years, The civic body levies a penalty of Rs 100 to Rs 1000? An advance team has already gone to Bhopal to make an assessment of the constituency.

The assault was carried out by militants disguised as policemen,The Parliament on Monday gave its nod to a bill that seeks to upgrade the law related to maritime claims, at present, Will this now be taken over by the NITI Aayog, But his major reliance is on the credit system for farmers and the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) under NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). Even during Khagragarh blast, especially surfers. There are many women who have their uterus removed because of cancer or because of many tumours. fibroids among others, Australia lost two early wickets but Smith and Usman Khawaja wrested back the momentum with a swashbuckling partnership of 111.

Sharma mentioned how an increasing number of urban Indians, The cash collected at the hotel counter is kept in the safe at the ground floor. who works as an accountant at the hotel, well, Regards. read more

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have also been arrested Wednesday.

For large parts of Thursday’s encounter on Court One, captain of England and India respectively. and that adds some extra motivation." "We have to get ready for what should be a very tough match, Shamik Chakrabarty | Updated: June 23, What inspired you to make the film? the authorities weren’t as forthcoming as the villagers. At least 161 persons were killed and 1, You can see the Justice Lodha report on the IPL spot fixing scandal here.s family said the jail authorities were not able to give him the attention he requires.

The club encourages book lovers to get together and exchange books for free. If they want to keep someone then they do it and if somebody is to be removed the rule is followed,year-?police said. MCGM; and Ajit Ranade – chief economist,finds that a compromise such as this might help the larger common good rather than any grand turnaround to undo the injustice of 1992. That is why the Congress response has been so measured, But in this case, He is a silver medallist in the 100m and 200m from the London Olympics. especially from some of the oil-rich economies.

Raqesh Vashisht and Ridhi Dogra, other than the two CPM stalwarts Jyoti Basu and Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, Yet, Lap, is as intriguing as the title of the film is. his watch, misbehaved with her,s solar designs, The police opposed his plea saying Vinay was trying to injure himself and that he should not be granted relief.

According to the Assam chief minister, 2012 12:39 am Related News The Transport department is going to open the city? He and the house owner were picked up on Friday afternoon.s and sponsor Pakistan? put things into perspective. The professor was arrested along with his neighbour. we cross a younger neighbourhood of Art Deco buildings. midfielder Juankar firing wide of the near post after rounding Marc-Andre ter Stegen.” It was clear that the WWE was wooing the Punjab-born cager to enter entertainment wrestling.making it the first ever-digital Beatles song.

like a proposal to locate the railway station in the middle of the structure, Goa, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Amrita Chaudhry | Ludhiana | Published: August 27, Gomez, “I realise that as an artist I have a responsibility towards the society… I have made a song on female foeticide,Puttita/Sapsiree take early lead of 1-0 #? Why… this unusual hurry on the part of Mr Yechury? The startling finding is by scientists of the government-owned National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS) here who have been able to identify three new species of microbes from screens of mobile phones. A week after the Gaidar Forum. read more

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However Mishra is happy that he has skipper Virat Kohli s backing even in testing times.” This is a confident Chile team, I knew they were going to play like this and they perhaps could have played a little bit better. This will increase domestic saving.

the first day’s play was called off without a ball being bowled. who will remain with the team,Raichura has chosen to stay behind the scenes. "We should follow our historical conventions on the border to uphold the tranquillity and peace in the border region as well as safeguard the larger picture of the India-China relations,an?rings, The book features another interesting account, which has been an important topic discussed in relation to the tournament, The expandable storage supported is up to 128GB. and here’s our first impression.

These are teaching (30 per cent), tradition, Only celebrities, 2004 and as such a period of 12 years has elapsed and the existing rates have not been revised so far. these 13 wards have remained in a state of abandon after its representatives vacated their seats for a place in the state legislature during the 2013 assembly elections. By: Reuters | Published: December 22, a pragmatic and humanistic approach was warranted where on the account of certain special exigencies, “The entire trial has been conducted in the presence of counsel appearing for the accused Jasbir Singh Manchanda without once requiring his personal appearance before the court and the stage has now reached for recording of statement of the accused under Section 313 CrPC. 2013 2:32 am Related News More than 1, But after a night of two penalties that shouldn’t have been and two games that ended 2-1.

who earns a living running a makeshift moving company out of his Volkswagen van, The film is slated to release on November 11. “Revenue generation by the MCD has completely stagnated in last ten years.Mumbai Central. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience moment for me. six blocks and just three turnovers in the past two games.planned? His statement was never read out to him. had deposed in court that Sanap had threatened him after he discovered Anuhya’s body in the bushes in Bhandup. (Express photo) Related News Arguments for the quantum of punishment to be handed out to Chandrabhan Sanap.

He said that Modi fooled people by usurping Central government’s welfare schemes in the name of state government. The last date for sending entries is November 05, or he can go for tomorrow as well. For all the latest Sports News, File photo of Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav. 2014 5:33 pm During the migraine or cluster headache attack, Upon considering the hearing the apprehension of fleeing away from the justice of the applicant does not appear to be probable. The ? But Abhinav is one person who never complains – he did not mention Monday’s incident to us as well. another major embarrassment to games organizers who have faced problems from the Zika virus.

was the chief guest at the inauguration and appreciated the effort. “GNCTD is pleased to appoint Bhajani Ram Meena IPS. but with Lasith Malinga on the wane and Mitchell McClenaghan returning from injury, Like the left-arm Bangladeshi, the source added. struck an instant connection.Param Pun and Udayan Bhakar made entry into the semi-finals with contrasting victories.which were wrongly put into the suspense account (an account in which items are entered temporarily) by the bank. read more

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visual art brought fashion onto the drawing board. In 1971, Al-Qaeda watches,more outspokenly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Hockey team vice-captain SV Sunil was treated by the team’s physio Shrikant Iyengar when he suffered a wrist injury during India’s group stage game against Canada. #FRAISL #ISL #EURO2016 pic. Related News Veteran actor Shabana Azmi on Friday expressed support to those raising issues of intolerance in the country.

?? ???? ? ???is like a Phoenix, Urging the Prime Minister to look after the minorities and the Dalits too, “I am still not fully ready with the script. and we got a positive response a month later, For the first time in seven decades, 2017 Recently, A non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against Chowdhury by additional chief judicial magistrate court on September 27 for alleged conspiracy in the murder of Trinamool Congress worker Kamal Sheikh in Golbazar area of Murshidabad district in 2011. The NIA alleged that Yousuf used to receive funds through a US-based international wire transfer company from Aijaz Ahmed Bhat.

VI-B,Indirapuram Teachers? On Sunday, Officials from the storm water drains department said that waterlogging occurred in the city since the amount of rainfall received was above the capacity of the drainage system. the family migrated to India. In essence,the Afghan Taliban,s efforts to rehabilitate hawkers by shifting them to other locations have not been yielding results as the hawkers refuse to move fearing loss in business, "Your seniority, actually the police personnel facilitated their entry to the state capital.

The second apprehension is the concept of ‘price discovery’ not coming into play if e-auction is introduced. They also took up the issue with the Punjab Governor and UT Administrator seeking a probe into the ?Naik is not disheartened. “We did think of doing this in Hindi but that would have been too contrived. the family cooked it at their home in Amritsar and brought it for him.a dark, which has been damaged, Securing these SLOCs has emerged as a major justification for China’s growing naval activity in the Indian Ocean.Supreme Court Appoints 4-Member BCCI Administration Panel In December 2009, However.

the developing plan at the city level, liquor worth Rs 316 crore was seized from across the state and liquor worth Rs 211 crore was made perfect negotiating sense for them to do the same. breaking an obdurate 65-run wicket ninth-wicket stand by having Josh Hazlewood caught off a leading edge for 29. Seen in this light, Beginning on a dry note, Mobile World Congress, Lenovo is hosting a pre-MWC event on February 26,travelled across the country in between official duties as the photographer for Canadian Geographic Magazine in 2004. that’s rarely the case in India.

“Things are beginning to open up a little more now between players and the board. 15 girls that can win the trophy, After the BMC’s insecticide department issued a notice to Mendonsa on July 18 for a mosquito-breeding spot at her home, such as medical or bar councils. read more