Pet store to open what to pay attention to


pet store is a good investment projects, but the pet store brands, to choose a good brand items, so as to obtain good investment benefits, want a better business, open pet stores should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian introduced.

1. look at the impact of brand

investors chose to join the chain brand, to a large extent, is a strong influence on the brand. Pet store to open what to pay attention to? In the service industry such as pet, if it is a person to create a brand, it is not only time-consuming and laborious, and almost impossible. Now in this era of consumer brands, consumers are willing to try a few unheard of brand, if it is directly join the grace of such well-known brand, will undoubtedly bring more consumers for investors. read more

How to build the strength of the toy store sales team

toy is a child can not lack of playmates, is very important, but also very good in the contemporary business, in the early days, most of the owner is to rely on their own to do sales, is a person can only play the leading role, to earn a profit. However, with the increase in the size of the store, you need excellent sales staff to help. Open a toy store is also the case, when the scale reaches a certain level, as the owner will quit a good management model to promote team sales.

toy sales should have clear objectives read more

Deaf youth life to reverse the unremitting self improvement

business every day in the interpretation of every hue story, many of which are touched countless people, and the amazing perseverance of deaf youth is how to achieve counter attack, to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

in Nanjing Xinjiekou Liuzhou station building 16 floor office, "he Liu design studio" seven characters appear in the author’s eyes, a long white clean young guy is back to the window, click on the hands of the mouse. He is the owner of this design studio. From a deaf mute to college students, and then become a successful business design studio boss, with this 54 square meters of office, he has become a legend. read more

Some tips to do the brand wallpaper business

now, the brand in the field of wallpaper market demand continues to expand, a variety of brand wallpaper chain is more. Many investors choose to open a brand wallpaper store, how to win the fierce competition in the market brand wallpaper? Many brand added to the wallpaper industry chain of novice entrepreneurs are very concerned about this issue.

Store design

Shop design in brand wallpaper stores read more

Coffee shop note

leisure time, into a coffee shop, a cup of coffee is how comfortable life. Therefore, people began to increase the number of coffee shop. Coffee shop should also pay attention to skills, not everyone can succeed! So, with the small series to see what should pay attention to the operation of the coffee shop!

read more

What are the three most profitable opportunities in 2016

if it is to choose a business opportunity, it is really countless, after all, now the huge number of projects in the entire entrepreneurial market. However, for any one investor, naturally want to be able to choose to really make money business opportunities. Here, Xiao Bian will recommend for everyone to make money in 2016 three good business opportunities. So, in 2016 the three most profitable business opportunities?

flower water culture

What are the three most profitable opportunities in

2016? As long as the society of hydroponics training technology, open a hydroponics is an easy job to do things, hydroponic plants to soil conservation than many simple and clean, beautiful and generous. Compared with the traditional soil culture flowers, flower water culture has the advantages of sanitation, convenient maintenance, can be used repeatedly, especially suitable for indoor decoration, by consumers. Plus waterflower profits usually have dozens of times, this is simply lying to make money! read more

Do WeChat marketing the nickname to change it

this time, I play a lot of WeChat play, but the main thing is to focus on my QQ space! But I no matter in WeChat or buttoned space I have found a strange phenomenon, is always someone with AD name do nickname! What is advertising name? For example she is selling cosmetics, and then she put WeChat nickname into a certain cosmetics sales, purchasing what


this practice can be said to be honest, but under what circumstances can not be the case?

a, big brand manufacturers

if you are a big brand manufacturers, WeChat nickname no doubt you can set your name into cosmetics, for fear of others to cybersquatting, ahead of the best start, but also the authentication once, so customers lost read more

Google joins RSS ad

in order to maintain the leading position, Google has already begun sales network oriented integrated feeds advertising news publisher.

Google is quietly testing a service Google AdSense, collocation of text or a graphic advertisement in RSS or Atom format in feeds, and this week, the company will be the test plan is open to all network publishers.

in the first quarter of this year, Google has added more flexibility in its advertising program. For example, recently the company allows the publisher using graphical ads on the network, it has long insisted on using only text ads; it also allows choosing the advertising display in which the publisher’s website, so that advertisers have more freedom of choice. read more

Ali only 15 times the market value of the domain name in the next ten thousand miles Google

renamed China ( September 20th news, last night, Alibaba Group Pakistan officially listed on the New York stock exchange, becoming the focus of attention, whether it is a U.S. IPO financing record, or rose on the first day of 38.07% grade, Alibaba are enough to surprise the world. Among these, Alibaba in the acquisition of a large number of domain names are also not small.

figure: Ali listed

It is reported that the Alibaba

, the original issue price of $68 per share, but after the 10 polling price record for nearly 2.5 hours after the price rise, finally opened to $92.7, closing up $93.89, an increase of up to 38.07% on the first day. read more

Pay homage to the disappearance of the CEO are no use will not to like Ren Zhengfei with the brain

Abstract: excellent CEO, like Ren Zhengfei, know how to attract management consultants external ideas and expertise, to do a good job in the management system of the company, so the company’s development is no longer depends on his personal, personal ability, and rely on the strength of the team has to transcend personal organization ability.

last year, Zhang Rui (spring rain doctor CEO) a friend would like to introduce me to the doctor to consult the spring rain, was rejected, it may be that he felt he had to do anything. He was in charge of a large amount of investment funds to his country’s brightest Fangsai (from the non investment to give them money, the last two days of the big pharmaceutical companies, well-known investment company investors include Qizheng Tibetan medicine (002287) the controlling shareholder of Gansu Cheezheng Industrial Group Co. Ltd., the Yanghe River shares (002304), and the Longhu group head Wu Yajun etc.). read more

Get rid of Facebook dependent Zynga to push their social networks

According to

, social gaming giant Zynga company will launch its own social network, to get rid of the fate of Facebook depends on the famous social networking site.

, according to Zynga, a social gaming giant, CEO Mark, according to news from the famous blog site TechCrunch on Saturday. Pinkus local time on Thursday confirmed at a company meeting held on the game "Farmville" and "Mafia Wars" and "Cafe World" will appear in the company of a named "Zynga Live" on the social network. It is said that this had benefited from the well-known social networking site Facebook gaming giant Zynga company will abandon the reliance on the Facebook company, and launched its own social network reason alone because it is with the Facebook company in Facebook Credits on dividded into proportion. read more

The digital domain name storm again swept the 33 com one million gold

May 23rd hearing, foreign media news, digital domain names in the overseas market is good, recently sold a high price, boutique digital domain name to $358 thousand price auction, about RMB 2 million 320 thousand yuan.


: foreign articles screenshot

currently uses domain name domain name has not been enabled, no clear understanding of the Whois query, domain name was registered in April 1997, has 14 years of domain name registration time, is now being paid to 2017, the current domain name buyers identity a mystery, insiders speculate that the buyers may acquire a domestic domain name system of large enterprises, the current mainstream suffix domain has been registered. read more

Cloud network head resistance mainly from BAT big three

founder of the cloud network side Dayton


Times reporter Pu Dongfeng photo as the white magic and black magic, in the field to be divided hacker white hat and black hat". As "information police", the small square Dayton in the past 8 years are at play in the field of hacker "Gandalf" and "Voldemort", specifically on. Ctrip recently exposed loophole incident, let the small square Dayton and create a network vulnerability reporting platform cloud network come to the stage again. This year, just over 27 years old Fang Xiaodun said he now has gathered 5000 scattered in various areas of the white hat hackers, security vulnerabilities site investigation and major domestic. Fang Xiaodun said, "the cloud is the cloud cover in the era of information thief and Internet companies head a warning curse, hope every time the clouds see the fog is a progress of network security. read more

Why did the 9 startups fail

after you started a company, the company successfully raised $40 million, you also have a strong team, clear mission objectives and a proven business model. But after three years of development, the company ended up in failure, this is the media have reported your embarrassing failure. These are the domestic O2O originator Homejoy story, the company has officially closed in July 31st last year.

Homejoy of course is not the only one who seems to have a good future, but ultimately failed to become nothing of the start-up companies. Founder CB Insights recently summarized the reasons of 156 failed venture share company failed, some failed because of the wrong people, either because the company expansion too fast, some of it is because there is no good sales etc.. There are millions of species, the reason startups fail here, we selected 9 representative companies, these companies see exactly what the reason is because of failure, the hope of all business friends are going to start a business and help and inspiration. read more

How to do a good job of micro blog marketing during the Olympic Games

2012 London Olympic Games has been like a raging fire, during the Olympic Games, the major network television media will be full attention to the latest information of the Olympic Games, especially China athletes in the Olympic Games performance. For the Olympic Games micro-blog marketing how to do such a big event? Yesterday I saw a micro-blog message: passionate Olympic season Mayr Butler to join No. seven positions for the Olympics to send calls photography.

is actually similar to such prizes activities, perhaps the majority of users have been very numb. But to see such a micro-blog or there will be a lot of people to reprint, because it is very easy to reprint a micro-blog. Of course, this can not be forwarded to micro-blog everyone can get calls or prizes, but we have to take advantage of cheap mentality. Moreover, micro-blog can also be forwarded for the Olympic refueling, so basically will not refuse. This will be able to achieve a good micro-blog promotion effect, micro-blog’s forwarding volume is an important part of micro-blog marketing. Seize the Olympic Games, the national Internet users are concerned about the event of micro-blog marketing, in fact, businesses can not invest any money can also do a good job during the Olympic Games micro-blog promotion, how to operate it? read more

Step by step hospital network marketing

on the current private hospitals, the hospital business to a large extent affected the success or failure of the hospital. Only the number of patients to increase the number of visits, so that hospitals can be profitable in order to stand out in many private hospitals, invincible. However, this is a challenge for enterprises. With the development of Internet technology and the increasing number of Internet users in China, the network marketing of private hospitals has opened up a shortcut for the increase of hospital business. read more

Discussion on the marketing strategy of template net

recently put a lot of effort put in one of my template online, through traffic analysis, summed up a template of network marketing strategy, estimated that many master already know, but I still take you. Of course, this strategy does not necessarily have to be a template to use smart network, you can be sure of one, I said here just a website operation ideas.

has a lot of free stuff on the Internet, but there are many more people looking for free resources. Ha ha, did not listen to the free thing is also very expensive?. He spent some time to make a "semi-finished products" (meant) template, wrote many instructions, of course, is also very trivial I web site "clever" added, in addition to the statement of the use of this free template friends please add a link to me (this according to the policy true gentleman, ha ha!). And in the template, the default link points to my template nets. Of course, when these then use templates will certainly get rid of, and then very dirty, and in some of the pictures in the description of the ALT, some Dongdong, ha ha, some do not pay attention to forget. This will get a lot of anti chain opportunities. read more

The next 5 years doubling vip com this year is to Crazy


] April 17th news billion state power network, the latest learned billion state power network, to become the third pole of the retail electricity supplier recently convened a secret a number of well-known brands, collusion 2015 plans, and put forward in the next five years, sprint compound annual growth target of 100%.

according to the brands revealed that’s ambition is great, especially in its good field of clothing, not only reflect on last year’s business, also proposed a more practical Imagination: such as the weakening of excessive marketing, strictly control the number of businesses, open data circulation, and according to the needs of business innovation brands. read more

Chen ou jumei com overseas purchase is too hot lead was hacked

Chen ou: overseas purchase is too hot lead to frequent black

[TechWeb] January 7th news reports, recently, nearly a hundred reporters received an anonymous e-mail on the United States overseas purchase business bid. A person claiming to be a former employee of the United States overseas business, said the United States purchase unsolicited overseas fake cosmetics checked, overseas business has been shut down. This email content from first to last have emphasized the United States overseas business has suffered major setbacks, unable to maintain. read more