Electronic sports live website Twitch B round financing $15 millionTaobao customers choose to promot

although Justin.tv is still operating, most of the profits come from Twitch. That’s because Twitch has established partnerships with multiple game publishers and E-sports tournaments and signed agreements with CBS to sell Twitch video ads. In addition to advertising, Twitch also has a growing game, pay watch business, and subscription patterns used by partners. three, choose good reputation brand goods and strength business still use the digital products and weight loss products, which is easier to promote these two products? Which competition is more powerful? I believe that a little experienced Taobao customers are in mind. But in reality the dream of Dongfeng to see is that many Taobao politicians seem to be something of a hurry, one after another to L-carnitine slimming products, the direction of the run. For no promotion experience and rich SEO resources for novices, such behavior is very blind, in the end can not earn money, but morale is nothing. Many times, we can not grab the flower and fruit mountain, you can consider going to Gao Zhuang and Lao zi. Taobao ‘s girlfriend in a city of electrical appliances monopoly LCD TV, every time she talked about her business are very depressed, because another sales monopoly Samsung, she is selling SKYWORTH, obviously these two brands is not a grade, she is very hard but she sold less than 1/5 people. Taobao customer is the same, more often we provide an entrance for buyers, and not earnestly to persuade buyers to buy a brand or product that never heard. So choose a good reputation and high visibility of the brand or the Taobao mall official flagship products to promote, both worry conversion rate and the success rate is underlined, many friends asked me how do 365 shops are mostly brand flagship stores, it is for this reason. "is a concept of what a reasonable commission", such as a digital products, the price is 1500 yuan, the proportion was 5%, and the other a slimming product price is 120, the proportion is 50%, which is a more reasonable and more considerable commission believe that you know?. Therefore, in choosing the goods, do not just look at the commission ratio, from the commodity prices, into the proportion, the volume of merchandise and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. two, select the right competition for goods early promotion of slimming products, friends often referred to "Green Week", it is divided into 50%, often secretly change 1.5%, let Taobao guests Qiqiao students complain, we try to avoid this situation in the choice of business time. Dream east wind suggests to choose > Twitch was founded only about 1 years ago, but it has developed rapidly into a huge platform for playing and watching video game live competitions. Twitch, which evolved from the Justin.tv live TV business, is a new site focused on vertical e-sports, and has become the driving force behind the company’s business development. 1. Select Commission for reasonable promotion of merchandise My cousin news September 19th, according toContinue reading

Opinions how to view Facebook acquisition of Instagram

[TechWeb] reported on April 12th news, according to foreign media reports, the Monday Facebook lightning spent $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, the Facebook has sufficient reason for free Instagram tens of millions of users. Industry public opinion hot, in the Internet gradually visual today, Facebook how to use the opportunity to acquire Instagram, change the content and service attitude. Brad Allen KC Associates, the investment experts believe that will take months to come to buy Instagram, although the amount involved in the transaction is staggering, but also in line with the expected valuation of Facebook. The most important problem is that Zuckerberg sees the deal as an opportunity, or a save? For the acquisition of the upcoming IPO before seems to be on the defensive, if the social networking giant to make a clear judgment, it wouldn’t make such a crazy move for investors. subtle change: Facebook begins to create content in the futureMatthew Indaba, co-founder of Music, Siegel, says the deal opens up a big problem for Facebook, which has not been focused on creating content on social networks. Prior to the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook’s focus was on sharing content, and not even providing tools for creating content. It leaves work for other companies, such as Zynga games, native photo applications, and music labels. The acquisition of Instagram indicates that Facebook has become aware of the importance of creating content. He explained: "I can spend two minutes taking pictures with my wife, but it only takes a few seconds to share the photos via Facebook."." Instagram meets Facebook’s future mobile strategy, given that Instagram’s security fund was valued at $500 million last week, Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition is a real worry. But there are at least two reasons to encourage people to subscribe for Facebook shares next month, IPO. first, Facebook hopes to find a new source of revenue, even though current registered users are growing slowly and advertising strategies have no advantage. But it responds to the biggest concern of potential investors: Facebook has the ability to score in the mobile world. mobile App Co Onavo CEO, Guy Rosen said, Instagram is currently the most popular mobile social network, in the last six months is the most popular iOS application, 10% iPhone installed Instagra>

Xu Guoping what kind of website does 2012 have money way

2012 what kind of website, rich way, this is every website to pay special attention to the problem, especially the new Adsense just start doing web site. My website opened and stopped, stopped and opened, the webmaster career is almost two years, plus network editing work experience for more than five years, "Xu Guoping long stop" to share what to do, the site has money. ‘s preparation for a rich web site, personal attitudes determine success or failure. You do site mentality, determines your site will make money later?. What preparations should be prepared before making a website? Xu Guoping’s standing summary is as follows: first, prepare time and energy. I often hear some of the webmaster complain that one of the problems is that there is no time. I asked in reply, since there is no time, then why do you get the website? In fact, the personal website is the largest investment in time and energy. Time is like water in a sponge. It’s crowded every day. So make sure you have enough time and energy before you make a stop and make sure that 100 percent is put in place. second prepare confidence and perseverance. Why do some webmaster to less than a month, or even less, give up halfway; some owners insisted for one or two years, or even longer, yet more long. The difference between them is whether your resolution is lasting. If you have the confidence to make a website rich, then you should follow a persistent, do not abandon, do not give up. If you can’t adhere to the website, then don’t go to the stationmaster road. That will not only waste time, but also waste energy. The content of ‘s website, content selection is critical. Some webmaster blindly think that website can make money, blindly follow the trend, or do not know what to do good site. For content orientation, I have some tips for sharing experiences: first, the content of the website is to subdivide. Whether you’re a local station or an industry station, the content of your web site should be subdivided as accurately as possible. I used to do website, also can make the comprehensive portal common failing, a few years down, time, energy, investment and make money, profit is inverse proportion. Like the current most popular single item Taobao customers, this model is more suitable for personal website content positioning entry point. The content of the website is best interested or familiar. Here, I take the local website as an example, there are some personal local websites, and what contents are included in the website. Pre local sites can be the main recruitment, real estate classification of such information flagship, so that local content and popularity can be accumulated, and later local sites can be the main food, tourism, such businesses display as the focus. The special attention is, do not have what, we must first reduce local businesses and then slowly expand to classification. For example, threeContinue reading

How to use website structure to build high weight website

Hello, I am happy to joke _ embarrassments nets webmaster, today to share with everyone to do stand these days of experience. Today’s topic is: how to use the website structure to build high weight websites. Here, I want you to understand some of the concepts: 1. What is the weight ? weight is the importance of a search engine to a web page. The higher the weight, that is, the more search engines add to the site, the faster and safer, and the more information they display to users. What are the weight of two and two search giants in ? here we focus on Baidu and Google, a Chinese giant, an international giant. Their weight performance varies. Baidu’s weight is mainly reflected in the snapshot, Google’s weight is mainly manifested in the PR value. Further exploration, you can observe the station was included in the frequency and included percentage. Generally speaking, the weight of new sites is relatively low, and the standard of judging such websites is different. Is phased, combined with multiple indicators to carry out. below, I will discuss with you how to use the site structure to create a high weight website: to my website as an example: site but a month, currently Baidu snapshot updated daily, stable health included, Google fully included. Wait for the end of the month PR update, 3 (one had confidence). Summary of my optimization operation, a more important link, that is, I set the site structure. website structure is mainly divided into layout and internal chain: layout, pay attention to lead and affect the whole body. The fluctuation of information volume is the best effect under the condition that the whole structure is invariable. A5 is a good example: after the audit, focus, through the layout of the post updates most, let spiders eat once, every time that spiders think this is a new home page. So the spider followed the rhythm of the website. within the chain, pay attention to the establishment of multi-channel. This means that a page has multiple links to other pages of the web site. Methods of operation can be built with random documents, hot documents, and document ranking. As long as the background of an update, you can all stations are moving. in those, for example, the user document publishing page, you can build more keyword connections, pointing to the home page. This is helpful to improve the weight of the home page. Remember, the key word must be related to the theme of the website, and should grasp the scale. Remember, any optimization is as long as cheating. SEO is not knowledge, is a good habit, as long as friends do a little attention in the process of standing, do more adjustments, norms do station. Search engines will certainly love you! ! author QQ:64592719. welcome friends to communicate with each other. Reproduced in mind: do not turn, do not turn gerze. This is a respect for the author and your personal integrity.Continue reading

How to build a valuable enterprise website

first of all, let’s take a look at what the website does to the enterprise, what functions can be achieved and what helps the enterprise. companies can use web sites to enhance their visibility, The site is facing global Internet users, and it is the window for enterprises to open to the outside world. According to IDC forecasts, 2008, global regular Internet users will reach 1 billion 400 million, accounting for about 1/4 of the total population of the world; by 2012, the total number of global Internet users (with independent access to the user as the standard amount) will be more than 1 billion 900 million households, nearly 1/3 of the total population of the world, so any business should not ignore this the huge population, should make full use of the website to serve them, enhance their visibility. most effectively provides enterprise related information traditional business model, enterprises will print a large number of enterprise presentations, product information and other promotional materials, and then through the exhibition, direct mail and other means passed to customers. Now, the simplest, most economical, and most effective way is to put this information on the web site, for customers around the world to obtain. In this regard, there are many successful cases, and it is also one of the main applications of the vast majority of enterprise websites in china. pays attention to the feedback from customers and grasps the needs of customers. a very important advantage is the interaction, using the user questionnaire, guestbook, bulletin board discussion etc. can quickly and accurately get a large number of user feedback and suggestions provided on the website, these applications not only contribute to the release of new products, new market development, but also contributes to customer service and customer service survey. , an important form of corporate PR some government agencies at home and abroad have websites as a formal channel for issuing relevant laws and announcements. More and more enterprises have also released news, business conditions and the latest developments through the website. Because of the unique advantages of the Internet compared to traditional media, this application has become an important part of corporate public relations and globalization strategy. Important supplement of traditional management model as we all know, most of the traditional business model is working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for local users. But the advent of the Internet has revolutionized this situation, as an enterprise web site can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and serve global users. therefore, how to transfer the existing business to the Internet, and use the advantages of the Internet to carry out the operation, become the key to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. There are also many successful stories. Recently, Compaq announced its Internet era strategy, called "uninterrupted e-commerce solution", which can be described as an image of this application. improved service uses the Internet to improve services and provides new services and services. It is alsoContinue reading

Let your station and Baidu fall in love

to share a personal experience ~ I’m not what master! Here is my summary right! We exchange! Hehe limited ability to Baidu and "love" (here I put Baidu to see a young man, your station is a girl) you must first understand a Baidu. search engine collection process: 1, crawl web pages, each independent search engine has its own web crawler (spider). Spider follows the hyperlink in the web page to grab pages continuously. Because the application of hyperlinks in the Internet is very common, in theory, from a certain range of web pages, you can collect most of the web pages. 2, processing web search engines, after catching the web, but also do a lot of pre processing work in order to provide retrieval services. Among them, the most important thing is to extract keywords and build index files. Other things include removing duplicate pages, analyzing hyperlinks, and calculating the importance of web pages. 3, provides the retrieval service user input keyword search, the search engine to find the key words, the web page from the index database; in order to facilitate the user to judge, in addition to the page title and URL, as well as a web page and other information from the. URL read first spiders crawl the site, take out a site URL, put it into the list of URL did not visit (UVURL list), if the UVURL is not empty just removed from a URL to determine whether it has been visited, if there is no access to read this page, and carries on the analysis and hyperlink analysis the content, and some pages in the document database, and some have access to the URL URL into the list (VURL list), until the UVRL is empty, then grab the other site, followed by the cycle until all of the site URL list until the end of grab. Excerpt from < < search engine system learning and development practice summary; > > understanding of Baidu, we have to do is, first of all to your site login Baidu, which is like http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.html and Baidu see a face! Let Baidu know you, as long as Baidu can find you a step closer, below to see if you have much ability, to let Baidu love you and I still use soft to seduce Baidu this boy I want to see you, is your station in some stations link here such as Baidu know their own internal Post Bar, ` this two weight is very high in Baidu ` ` you can go to hair with your link, I think Baidu this guy won’t ignore the ` ` looking for some weight high Baidu included fast station do I want to see you, not Baidu, this is not what we want, let him every day to run here here we ` ` Something, I suggest you go to some BBS send some text, for example: chinz.; Admin5; behind these stationmaster exchange places &> etc.

Using good network publicity tools is the key to success of group buying websites

online group buying is a new type of e-commerce business model. It is famous for its low price and is becoming more and more popular with consumers. Buy site first appeared in the United States, due to the huge success of buy site King Groupon, which quickly stimulated the nerves of IT circles in various countries. the Internet industry in China is affected by Groupon. The types of Web sites are springing up rapidly. There is a flood of various forms of online group buying, and there are not many successful group buying websites. In the fierce competition in the network group, how can we ensure that their Group buy website success? We all know that network group purchase the product update is very fast, the tour time is generally not more than three days, in such a short time to make you this group purchase products to let consumers know that this is a very difficult thing for some strength is not strong group purchase website. Therefore, the success of the group buying website depends on whether your product can let the consumer know in a short time. as a strength is not strong new station, what method can let your group products quickly let consumers know? I think, as long as the full use of the following major network tools, basically can do. micro-blog micro-blog and its rapid popularity, the rapid spread of modern information plays the role of the building, the current micro-blog is still in the crazy stage, the size of all things in the world is now happening almost to quickly spread through the micro. In the group purchase site of the people can not ignore micro-blog this powerful propaganda tool, may make the network group purchase people feel micro-blog is naturally born to group purchase website, because in this world you couldn’t find any micro more quickly, more convenient, more popular and more cheap promotional tools ! community forum some time ago, I was in the world for my ha ha group sent a lot of "soft post", each click rate of more than ten thousand. Therefore, the popularity of high community forums is very powerful publicity, such as the end of the world, power forum, Baidu post bar and so on. In these places if you send some creative posts or pictures, one or two days tens of thousands of hits is not a problem, of course, how in your posts inside your product contains hidden it depends on your ability, because only advertising is very easy to delete posts than ! blog blog here of course refers to the views of high blog, because the new blog is not accessible, even if you send too much information is rarely seen, good blog need to slowly cultivate to gather popularity. There are many visits to more than one million blog, now I see the most powerful blog is Siu Ming Tsui Sina blog, visited 10 hundreds of millions of bloggers! Once in theContinue reading

What are the secrets of Pan Chunjian’s money making

although it is said that the operation of cigarette products, if properly managed, can really make a lot of money. Now, however, almost any retail store will operate such a commodity, the competition between the industry can be imagined. So, if you can not grasp a certain business secrets, in fact, it is difficult to get a better business development. But Pan Chunjian has been in the process of the operation of the industry has been a good development, which naturally associated with the secret of her mastery. So, what are the secrets of Pan Chunjian’s cigarettes? Wuming ASEAN area of the hundred mile Creek store is a snack shop, the owner Pan Chunjian warm and sincere. No one I have, I have excellent people is hanging in her mouth mantra. When the new listing, she is one of the most active otc. A customer into the shop, she always take the trouble to introduce, there are customers deliberately tease her said: "you say so good, this smoke really so good?"" Pan Chunjian smiled and said: I want to know the taste, but also personally taste, you buy a package to try to clear." A joke, a pack of 25 yuan of "Zhenlong (origin) is sold out. Pan Chunjian began operating a cigarette from 2008, when the OTC brand specifications of less than 30, now has 92, monthly sales from the past 100 to more than and 400 months from now, when the gross profit is less than 1000 yuan rose to 4000 yuan more than now. Asked Pan Chunjian what is the recipe for making money, she said lightly: "very simple, variety must be more, must be the whole, people do not have, I want to have, others have, I want to choose the best do fine. Not afraid of not making money, I am afraid that the goods are not complete, the store brand is complete, the customer will feel that your business strength, to buy cigarettes customers are also assured." every successful business operators will certainly have their own skills, because it can be used in this way, will make the business of the shop is very hot and good development. So, if you are the owner of a retail store, Pan Chunjian’s cigarette money tips will help you shop operators do?

The source of household cleaning market develop

now, home appliance cleaning industry, the gradual rise. So, want to business friends, to choose to join Luzhiyuan cleaning appliances? Brand good project, join the choice more advantages. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. So, what are you hesitating about? source of cleaning appliances not only allow consumers to experience the benefits of it, also let the entrepreneurs to achieve business value. Let the appliance moment it appears are new, in the listing, with superior conditions, get a lot of consumers, has a very good development prospects, and in a variety of business models, diversified design, in the market development space is getting better and better. The source of to meet the different needs of different consumers, especially with their superb technology so that consumers are satisfied. Even more intense competition, the source has continued to break their own will as in the past do their own brand. The source of household cleaning comes at a time when, by virtue of technology and professional equipment solved the troubles of life, do a home appliance cleaning brand consumers well. hot industry, is the best choice for business worries. How about the source of household cleaning? Join the selection has a lot of advantages, significant advantages, worthy of our attention and choice. Hurry up!

Sichuan Suining how to get rid of poverty support bank contributed

With the development of economy, although many local people’s living standards have been significantly improved, but there are still a lot of places in the territory of the territory is plagued by poverty! According to the voice of the Chinese countryside, "three rural China" reported that poverty alleviation, industrial development is the key. To enhance the ability of the poor villages in the development of the industry, hematopoietic capacity, so that poor households to achieve sustainable growth, is the main way to implement accurate poverty alleviation. The development of the industry can not be separated from financial support, but some of the existing financial instruments can not be a good connection to the needs of poor areas, to crack the bottleneck of industrial development funds. days ago, the reporter walked into Sichuan in poor areas of Suining, explore the local banking industry is how to help people out of poverty. Near the Spring Festival, is located in Sichuan City, Suining Province, the town of the ship mountain town of cattle camphor industrial base and renewed vitality. Not long ago, Sichuan hundred Green Sheng agricultural science and Technology Co., Ltd. from Suining agricultural firms get 30 million of the industry’s poverty alleviation loans. is the 30 million company in the town of Yongxing cattail ditch, mirror, Meng Qiao three poverty-stricken village layout Taiwanofungus industrial base construction can smoothly advance. Sichuan 100 Green Sansheng agricultural science and technology limited company executive director Peng Wei hanging heart finally put down: Peng Wei: if not 30 million, our construction progress is not so quick; after the arrival of funds, the entire project is a major infrastructure construction, the year will be completed. originally, because of agricultural investment, the initial investment of about 70000000 has made the company into a cash flow tight dilemma; is more difficult, because of the early investment is mostly agricultural infrastructure construction, is not a good evaluation, cash collateral in the short term, there would be large gains, the production and operation of the company the cash flow is not in line with the requirements of the bank loans. Peng Shuangyong: a big break in credit policy. One is the main guarantee, not the government, the support of relevant departments and platforms involved, do not down; the other is a line of credit, accounts receivable, accounts receivable by government subsidies, credit amount determined, this is also a breakthrough. This is not possible under conventional credit operations and thinking. reporter learned in Suining rural commercial bank, Suining County as a result of poor natural conditions, through industrial poverty, the amount of money involved is large and concentrated. The 30 million industry poverty alleviation loans become the core power, the normal operation of the current agricultural sustainable life, three agriculture has circulation of the town of Yongxing Chuanshan District three poor village 2640 acres of land, Antrodia Antrodia seedling, the construction of science popularization base, high quality rice farmland consolidation work is gradually pushed. Ship mountain Yongxing Zhen Meng Qiao Cun villagersContinue reading

What is the brand textile shop operation skills

for each family, home is very important, now people for the textile requirement is very high, many textile shop operators, all do not understand, do not know how to operate the brand, to achieve great success. In fact, the operation of home textile brand stores, mainly to do two points, one is the service, the two is to do a good job of publicity, do your home textile store popularity doubled, more profitable. Exactly how to do it? This paper made a detailed introduction, along with Xiaobian to understand it. first, home textile shop timing appropriate holiday time, what time to start the promotion is very important, product and product added value for your holiday, holiday, or before or after a certain day, grasp the good product set, Miss consumers to buy time, to get the same little effect. two, home textile store promotional terminal ready The success of the terminal is largely from the ability of the sales staff, one of which needs to be trained to the sales staff in detail, and the other is to mobilize the enthusiasm of the sales staff through the corresponding incentives. three, home textile store product selection is appropriate Taiwan home textile brand how to make money? The choice of home textile store products, the main promotional products and gifts with the following two principles should be followed: first, product extension and festive connotation consistent to meet the festive characteristics. Grasping the main consumer groups. Second, the principle of value transfer, promotion is not a simple price war, what is the value of your product is particularly important. four, the textile shop during the holidays of the central propaganda point compared to the traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival, during the national day of the publicity and promotional strategies and more worthy of discussion, the author believes that the first point, National Day concept, a holiday next National Day is a national holiday, to enhance the cohesion of the nation in recent years, the need for a suitable release time. National Day coincides with this year. Don’t know how to run it before , hope small articles can let you know more about the business, master the methods of the above described, can let your textile shop quickly started to serve more customers, win more wealth for themselves. I hope this article can bring beneficial help for the textile shop operators. related recommendations

Muslim stories about Eid al Fitr

     annual Eid Festival approaching, the majority of Muslims in the city immersed in the joy of the festival. In August 17th, the city of Mu Wenyu, a family reunion at the table to prepare for the arrival of Eid al fitr. Chen Yu / photo Qinghai news network in August 17th, the Muslim masses ready for the Eid auspicious day, the reporter and his entourage came to the East District of Mu Wenyu, Ma Yongqing and other Muslims households, and they share happiness. In the Mu Wenyu family, he’s by comparing the different over the Eid al Fitr, told them one family rising Zhimakaihua toward a happy life story. Mu Wenyu told reporters that he clearly remembers the last century 70s home Eid, due to lack of substance, the father will be a "pocket only ocean sugar" bite into 6 pieces, 6 children at home to taste a sweet home "; because lack of oil, no fried dough twist all the other pastries; don’t eat meat, after Eid can only eat grain. In 80s, the spring breeze of reform and opening up supporting the blessing, the situation has improved, from time to time to eat red meat, fried pastry oil has also been gradually many tricks Eid delicacy. In 90s, the situation is better, more and more tricks of fried pasta, such as cattle and sheep meat is very rich, can afford to buy all kinds of fruit, vegetable, fruit, also became a common table delicacy, Eid is everything. After entering in 2000, the feeling of life is like sitting on a rocket to happiness, because what you want to eat what you want to wear what you have to wear, you can buy what you want to buy…… Gradually to the living of the increasingly high demand, more and more attention, for example, have began to pay attention to science diet, put on clothes began the pursuit of taste and grade, not too sick to go to the hospital to check the body…… Eid church driving a private car to go, to buy "Eid is no longer special purchases for the Spring Festival when considering the price, but love is not love. the same day, in the other Muslim people’s home, the reporter heard the same with Mu Wenyu’s home, sitting on the Rockets toward happiness story. Muslim people in the same interview, said: from the different times of Eid al Fitr on the change, let us Muslims today is a good situation of unity and harmony and stability of the hard won! (by boat)  

Long holiday home is not happy to go home

Eleven golden week, in addition to travel outside the province to choose the family travel, no travel plan of the provincial capital of the public how to spend a long holiday? Recently, the reporter visited, summed up the three most popular holiday home. : movie theaters Renqiwang

27 from the Spring Festival railway ticket purchase of migrant workers began

December 27th, 2013 Spring Festival train tickets start for migrant workers groups, migrant workers travelers through the qualification examination and obtain the relevant certificate, to give priority for January 26th to February 8th and February 13th to February 28th group round-trip ticket. it is understood that the migrant workers group ticket booking, the railway sector will continue to provide sufficient capacity and low "threshold" provisions of migrant workers as long as 10 people (including 10 people, does not limit the direction) above, through the qualification examination and obtain the relevant certificate, to give priority for group tickets. the Qinghai Tibet railway company has established a special qualification examination group consists of public security and other departments to strengthen passenger transportation, booking unit or individual booking qualification, the establishment of information files, and provides that: for 10 to 19 tickets, need to carry ID card and a copy of the original; for 20 and above (no limit direction) ticket, managers must carry my identity card and a copy of the original letter of introduction, the employer (seal), and provide the original business license and a copy of the original, for the time required to fill out the relevant information and signed the relevant agreement. On the 20 and above the date of travel, train station, and I do not the same ticket, ticket will be printed with the words "group". No refund within 48 hours before driving. (author: Ni Xiaoying)  

The first batch of 50 Taobao station Wanzai village start

in today’s society is a society of entrepreneurship, in a public venture this time, e-commerce business also became popular in Jiangxi recently, Wanzai 50 village Taobao station started, with a lot of business platform. 8 31, Jiangxi three province Wanzai County town village villagers in rural downtown station just opened Taobao services through online sales of agricultural products. 8 31, Wanzai County of Jiangxi province Alibaba Taobao Service Center opened in Wanzai in rural areas. The same day, the county’s Sanxing Town Village, goose Feng Xiang Dong Tian Cun, the first 50 village service station opened at the same time, which marks the county rural electricity supplier project officially entered the operational phase. In the future, the county villagers can directly purchase agricultural products online, online booking and so on, which makes the rural online shopping network sales more convenient, but also to provide a new platform for rural youth electricity supplier business. Jiangxi Wanzai the first batch of 50 village station to start Taobao   provide new venture platform 8 31, "Taobao service station in rural village of Amoy partner Chen Ying in Jiangxi three province Wanzai County town village villagers to downtown to buy daily necessities.   Deng Longhua   photo

How to open The Grapevine Hotel popularity

The development prospect of wine industry has been good, which Wine as a typical representative of health drinks, but there is a huge market demand, as operators in the industry, the shop has obvious advantages. But as investors, you need to know more about the specific business skills. How to open The Grapevine Hotel popularity? has good position will have a far-reaching impact on business performance Wine agents, Wine agent to join the popular fan needs a good address, CO brand and investors operating the shop, the shop is a good shop, to consider the investment management of the project is to meet the needs of the relevant the people of the region. In general it is good place People are hurrying to and fro., places to shop, but not many places for the shop, according to the different direction of investment, entrepreneurs should understand passers by age and sex, to understand the pedestrians from the peak time and scarce time. Once again to understand the purpose of the pedestrian and stay time. has a good address Wine agent stores more popular popularity, now is the land lots, many upscale shopping district shopping district, not only popular and conditions are relatively superior, ground flat, clean, no water and debris. Because of the prominent position, it is easy to be found and found by consumers. Wine joined the agency shop store must be convenient for consumers, is conducive to business, the surrounding conditions are favorable for good especially with the development of modern urban civilization, consumers have a higher demand to the consumer shopping environment and geographical position. Every one of the people involved in the wine industry to join the agency business, we must attach importance to wine from the store to join the store’s preliminary investigation. also focus on the design of the store to look at, including space and height. The feeling of space is very important, it is the first feeling of consumers into the store, can not be too crowded, it can not seem to swing the space. Many investors believe that the area is of course better, but the size of the area and the rent directly linked, but now the store price is not a lot of difference, we think, we should do in the site. how to open The Grapevine Hotel popularity? The Grapevine Hotel, whether it is to choose to join or operate independently, how to develop a more comprehensive understanding of the market, which is to enhance the competitiveness of the store, the basis for long-term development. Now the industry is also very competitive, through the above analysis, hoping to provide investors with more reference. related recommendations